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ICBA/Freddie Mac Alliance

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The ICBA/Freddie Mac Alliance provides a solid connection to the secondary market

ICBA members get enhanced access to secondary market products and services

The ICBA/Freddie Mac alliance is designed to help ICBA members boost mortgage originations and streamline servicing capabilities, as well as remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace.

The alliance gives you the tools to easily and profitably sell mortgages to Freddie Mac and leverage incentives, technology, training resources and capital markets expertise to expand your mortgage business.

If you're looking for a simplified, more profitable way to compete in today's market, you will find unique alliance advantages designed to meet the residential mortgage lending needs of your community as well as enhance your bottom line.

Some specific features of the alliance include:

  • Guaranteed rural housing loan product that offers various funding options, no mortgage insurance, and no down payment that helps you reach more borrowers in rural communities.

  • Affordable lending mortgage products to help you serve more low- and moderate-income borrowers and meet Community Reinvestment Act requirements.

  • Technology advantages using Freddie Mac's Loan Prospector automated underwriting service, the Mortgagebot with Loan Prospector online lending solution, and Freddie Mac servicing technology tools - all designed to increase your efficiency and productivity.

  • Customized, instructor-led training sessions to grow the expertise of your mortgage staff in all areas of mortgage lending.

  • A subservicing option that allows you to keep control of your customer relationships and get superior customer service for your banking clientele.

  • Access to capital markets and portfolio management experts to help you optimize your portfolio and meet your business goals.

For more information about the ICBA and Freddie Mac alliance, visit www.freddiemac.com/singlefamily/icba.html or call 1-866-522-1143.