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Last update: 08/01/15

ICBA News Releases Archive

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August 2004

16-Aug-04FDIC CRA Proposal Will Provide Reg Burden Relief
05-Aug-04ICBA Opposes Farm Credit System Deposit Taking
04-Aug-04ICBA Bancard Promotes Payment Systems Industry Leader Del R. Tonguette to Senior Vice President
02-Aug-04ICBA Statement on Second Round of Fed Check Operations Closures
02-Aug-04ICBA Comments on Rabobank Purchase of FCSAmerica

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July 2004

28-Jul-04ICBA Insurance Endorsed by Independent Community Bankers of North Dakota
28-Jul-04ICBA Insurance Enrolls First Agency in New Program
20-Jul-04ICBA Exec: Credit Unions Straying from Mission
19-Jul-04ICBA Expresses Profound Disappointment on Withdrawal of CRA Proposal
19-Jul-04ICBA Cautions HUD on New Goals
13-Jul-04ICBA Commends Federal Reserve's Trust Preferred Proposal
13-Jul-04ICBA Urges Reforms to Gramm-Leach-Bliley
07-Jul-04Small Business Wins -- SBA Loan Program Funding Restored in House
02-Jul-04ICBA Staff Builds on Alliance with Habitat

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June 2004

25-Jun-04ICBA Commends Rep. Sam Johnson for Bill to Boost Savings Options
23-Jun-04ICBA Applauds FDIC Recommendations To Reduce Regulatory Burden
23-Jun-04ICBA Disappointed at FHFB Decision to Require SEC Registration
22-Jun-04ICBA Says Regulatory Overkill Is Overwhelming Community Banks
22-Jun-04ICBA and Other Trade Groups Request Federal Home Loan Bank Capital Registration Delay
22-Jun-04U.S. House of Representatives Adopts ICBA-Sought Resolution on Community Banking Month
17-Jun-04ICBA Praises Passage of H.R. 4520 With Necessary Subchapter S Reform
04-Jun-04ICBA Concerned About Regulatory Burden of Proposed SEC Bank Broker Exceptions
02-Jun-04ICBA Joins Other Banking Trade Groups in Credit Union Coordinating Council
01-Jun-04ICBA Director's Symposium Focuses on Regulatory Burden and Customer Service

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May 2004

26-May-04ICBA Urges OCC to Renew Pilot Program
21-May-04Ten Community Banks Join ICBA Bancard Total Card ManagementTM Agent Programs
20-May-04ICBA to Participate in American Stock Exchange Financial Services Webcast
18-May-04ICBA Welcomes Federal Reserve Check 21 Announcements
13-May-04ICBA Ag-Rural America Committee Sets 2004 Agenda
12-May-04Tom Curry Addresses ICBA's Mutual Institutions
12-May-04Another Study Advises Reassessing Mega-Credit Union Tax Exemption
12-May-04ICBA Honors Georgia Bank for Community Service Work
12-May-04ICBA Asks Congress to Help Lift Smothering Banking Regulations
11-May-04Community Banker Buttons Highlight Unfair Expansion of Mega-Credit Unions
11-May-04ICBA Honors Rep. Bachus With First-Ever Main Street Hero Award
10-May-04ICBA and Habitat for Humanity Form National Alliance
10-May-04ICBA Committees Meet in Washington
07-May-04ICBA Applauds Fed on Trust Preferred Proposal
07-May-04ICBA Applauds Rep. Osborne Bill

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April 2004

29-Apr-04ICBA President Speaks on Community Banking Issues
26-Apr-04Eight Community Banks Join 194 ICBA Bancard
26-Apr-04ICBA Announces Promotions
26-Apr-04Capitol Hill Veteran Joins ICBA
23-Apr-04ICBA Comments on Farm Credit Rulemaking Decisions
22-Apr-04April is Financial Literacy Month
21-Apr-04ICBA Urges Bank Regulators to Reduce Regulatory Burden
21-Apr-04Community Banking Leaders Gather in New Mexico
15-Apr-04It's IRS Tax Day: Why Aren't the Mega-Credit Unions Paying Their Taxes?
15-Apr-04ICBA Opposes 'Hasty Action' by Congress Over OCC Preemption Rules
15-Apr-04ICBA Concerned Over J.P. Morgan Chase-Bank One Merger
15-Apr-04ICBA Vice Chair Speaks at Key Rural America Conference
12-Apr-04Higher Streamlined CRA Exam Limit Welcomed
07-Apr-04Financial Literacy Education Starts Early
01-Apr-04April is Community Banking Month
01-Apr-04ICBA-Backed Amendments Adopted in GSE Regulatory Reform Bill

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March 2004

30-Mar-04ICBA Files Letter on Privacy Amendments
30-Mar-04ICBA Praises Thomas-Johnson Bills to Create Lifetime Savings Accounts
24-Mar-04Wisconsin Community Banker Appointed to FASB Advisory Committee
23-Mar-04ICBA Applauds Decision to Withdraw Proposed RESPA Amendments
16-Mar-04Retiring ICBA Chief Executive Kenneth A. Guenther Gives Parting Advice: Keep Eyes on Washington
16-Mar-04FDIC Chairman Hears Impassioned Call Against Increasing Regulatory Bank Burden
16-Mar-04Chinese Bankers Attend ICBA Convention for U.S. Community Banks
16-Mar-04FDIC Chairman Recommends Taxation For Bank-Like Credit Unions
15-Mar-04ICBA and Financial Freedom Form Alliance to Bring Turnkey Reverse Mortgages to Community Banks
15-Mar-04ICBA Selects Bankers Systems as Preferred Service Provider for Lending and Deposit Technology and Documents
14-Mar-04ICBA National Convention Kicks Off
14-Mar-04Visiting Community Bankers Contribute to San Diego Homeownership
08-Mar-04ICBA Supports BITS Efforts to Shore Up Software Security
08-Mar-04ICBA Statement on Federal Reserve Board Approval of Bank of America/Fleet Financial Merger
05-Mar-04TCM Bank, N.A.TM Completes Five Card Portfolio Purchases for January 2004
03-Mar-04ICBA Applauds Chairman Bill Thomas for Examining Credit Union Exemption

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February 2004

25-Feb-04ICBA Calls for Congressional Hearings on Systemic Risk Inherent in Megabank Mergers
20-Feb-04ICBA Criticizes NCUA Conversion Rules
12-Feb-04ICBA Names Industry Veteran to Head Southeast Regional Office
10-Feb-04Do No Harm to Housing Markets, ICBA Tells Congress
09-Feb-04Five Community Banks Join ICBA Bancard's Total Card ManagementTM Program
04-Feb-04Maryland Bank First to Join ICBA's Unique Mortgage Reinsurance Program
04-Feb-04Broadening Eligibility for FDIC Streamlined "MERIT" Exam Is Positive Step, ICBA Says
03-Feb-04ICBA and Iroquois Group to Expand Community Bank P&C Insurance Agency Markets and Revenues
02-Feb-04ICBA Praises Expanded Savings Accounts in Bush Budget

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January 2004

28-Jan-04Federal Preemption Requires a Balanced Approach, ICBA Testifies
23-Jan-04ICBA Testifies on Federal Home Loan Bank Governance Report
22-Jan-042004 ICBA Education Catalog Released
22-Jan-04ICBA Shows Support to Operation HOPE Emergency Assistance Program
21-Jan-04ICBA Names New Deputy Director of Agricultural Finance
20-Jan-04ICBA Asks FHFB to Retain FHLBank Disclosure Oversight
20-Jan-04CRA Proposal Will Alleviate Reg Burden for Community Banks
15-Jan-04ICBA Expresses Concerns About Large Bank Mergers
15-Jan-04ICBA Taps Advanced Financial Solutions to Provide Imaging Solutions to Member Banks
14-Jan-04ICBA Concerned About BofA/Fleet Merger Impact
13-Jan-04ICBA Applauds FDIC Action on Living Trust Accounts
12-Jan-04Payment Systems Industry Leader, Del R. Tonguette, Joins ICBA Bancard, Inc.
08-Jan-04NCUA Rejects GAO Recommendations on Credit Unions: ICBA Expresses Concerns
07-Jan-04ICBA Statement Regarding OCC Preemption Action
06-Jan-04HMO Mortgages Won't Work, ICBA Tells Congress

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