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ICBA Chooses Compushare as the Preferred Technology Management Service Provider for Community Banks

Washington, D.C. (Oct. 6, 2011)––The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) today announced that it has selected Compushare, Inc. as a Preferred Service Provider (PSP).  This exclusive agreement will offer ICBA members access to a full suite of technology solutions including Compushare’s fully hosted cloud computing platform which allows banks to eliminate technology assets and avoid the costs of owning and maintaining a technology infrastructure.  ICBA member banks will also receive special member discounts on Compushare technology solutions.

“Compushare is highly innovative and has the depth of service offerings that our members are looking for,” said Dan Clancy, ICBA Executive Vice President of Services.  “We are especially impressed by the Compushare Cloud Computing (C3) solution, a totally outsourced cloud based technology platform designed specifically for financial institutions. C3allows banks to reduce operational costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve security, and build resilient and reliable technology infrastructures.  While all banks may not be ready to migrate all of their technology to the cloud now, more and more organizations are moving in that direction.  Finding a provider who was prepared to assist our members in getting there was imperative.  It’s that innovative and forward-looking mentality that we seek in our preferred service providers,” added Clancy. 

Whether banks require additional technology expertise in specific areas such as security, support, or compliance, or are inclined to outsource all of their information technology (IT) needs, Compushare offers modular technology solutions for banks of all sizes and mindsets.  Servicing over 800 financial clients nationwide, Compushare brings more than fifteen years of technology and compliance expertise and provides banking technology solutions in the areas of critical systems hosting and management, network security management, compliance management, and application hosting and management. Compushare provides enterprise class solutions at a fraction of what it would cost community banks to manage internally. 

“We used to handle all of our IT needs in-house, but about five years ago, we outsourced everything to Compushare.  We have found service levels to be higher, costs to be lower, and we don’t need to worry about technology compliance anymore.  They handle everything,” said Jack Goldstein, CEO of NBRS Financial Bank, which is based in Rising Sun, Md.

“The economic and regulatory environment demonstrates how important it is for banks to focus on their business without having to worry about investing in and maintaining technology assets,” said Romir Bosu, Compushare CEO.  “Our Cloud Computing solution will allow banks to do just that and we are excited about being the first in the financial industry to be able to offer this solution so community banks can realize all of the benefits.  We are pleased to be selected as an ICBA Preferred Service Provider and are looking forward to further working with ICBA member banks to help them address their critical needs.”