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ICBA Chooses MoneyPass® as a Preferred Service Provider

Network Provides Customers Access to over 22,000 surcharge-free ATMs around the country

Washington, D.C. (May 23, 2012)—The Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) today announced that it has selected MoneyPass® as a Preferred Service Provider (PSP). This exclusive agreement will offer ICBA members access to one of the fastest growing surcharge-free ATM networks in the country, along with point-of-sale services. As a result of this relationship, ICBA member banks will receive preferred pricing when participating in the MoneyPass network.

“MoneyPass is a great solution for our member banks looking to give their customers affordable access to their money, wherever they may be,” said Dan Clancy, ICBA executive vice president of services. “With more than 22,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the country, MoneyPass gives cardholders convenient access to low-cost ATM transactions and helps our member community banks stay competitive while continuing to offer superior customer service.”

In addition to a nationwide surcharge-free ATM service, MoneyPass also offers a point-of-sale service, making the network a unique choice in the marketplace. The MoneyPass surcharge-free ATM service has more than 60 million cardholders and more than 1,500 participating financial institutions. MoneyPass ATM service financial institution participants can also choose to add optional features such as deposit sharing, a customizable online locator for a bank’s website and free marketing tools. MoneyPass ATM cardholders can easily find surcharge-free ATMs using free iPhone and Droid apps and the online locator at www.moneypass.com.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide ICBA member banks a service that can help them meet a growing consumer need,” said Douglas Miraglia, president of the MoneyPass network. “In the current economic environment, consumers are looking to save money anywhere they can. MoneyPass allows a bank to give their customers that benefit in a way that is easy and affordable for the bank.”

Noah Wilcox, at Grand Rapids State Bank in Grand Rapids, Minn., agrees. “As both a MoneyPass ATM services participant and an ICBA Bank Services Committee member, I see firsthand the benefit MoneyPass provides. ICBA’s new relationship with MoneyPass just emphasizes to our member banks what a valuable service MoneyPass provides.”

For more information, visit www.icba.org or www.moneypass.com/financial-institutions.aspx.

About MoneyPass
MoneyPass is a network of Elan Financial Services, one of the nation’s leading providers of comprehensive ATM and debit card processing solutions for financial institutions, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and retailers. MoneyPass provides surcharge free access at more than 22,000 ATMs across the United States, allowing cardholders of participating financial institutions to access their money where they live, work and travel. With more than 1,500 participating financial institutions, more than 20 participating ISOs, and 60 million active cards, MoneyPass is a rapidly growing surcharge-free network whose emphasis is on cost-efficient membership options, flexible terms and accessible locations. MoneyPass cardholders can easily locate MoneyPass ATMs by visiting the online ATM locator at www.moneypass.com. For more information, call 1-800-343-7064 or visit www.moneypass.com.