Keep Up Tax Reform Grassroots as Congress Returns

Nov 27, 2017
With members of Congress back in Washington, ICBA is encouraging community bankers to reach out to their lawmakers on needed changes to tax reform legislation.

ICBA urges Subchapter S community banks to weigh in with Congress using ICBA’s Be Heard grassroots action center. While ICBA is encouraged by the continued momentum for tax reform, it has significant concerns that current proposals fail to bring Subchapter S banks into closer tax parity with C corporations.

With the House passing its tax reform bill last week and the focus shifting to the Senate, ICBA has also updated its informational brief on tax reform to give community bankers the latest on this fast-moving development. This legislative update from ICBA’s congressional relations experts provides the state of play and spotlights provisions with the greatest potential impact on community banks.

In a recent blog post, ICBA President and CEO Cam Fine urged community bankers to stay engaged in the debate over comprehensive tax reform.

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