Ground Transportation

Taxi Service

Taxi service is available from the airport to the Venetian Palazzo. Average fare is approximately $30 one way. One traveling tip: Instruct your taxi driver or car service to take the Paradise route and not the Interstate to the hotel. Estimated travel is 20 minutes. Also be sure to let the driver know if you are staying at the Venetian or Palazzo tower to be dropped off at the right entrance.

Car Rental Discounts

Hertz National Rental CV#030J0022

A Hertz desk is conveniently located at the McCarran International Airport and by the front desk of both the Venetian and Palazzo. For reservations, call 800-654- 2240 or go online at and click on the hotel/travel tab at the top of the page, which pre-populates the discount code on the Hertz website. You may also go to or contact your travel agent and use the code listed above.

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