Technology & Innovation Track

Informs you of the technological advances that can enhance your bank’s bottom line, increase its operational efficiencies and boost its competitiveness.


Behind the Curtain: The Dark World of Cybercrime

Data breaches, ransomware, email compromises, phishing and computer network intrusions. In recent years, cyber criminals have exposed security vulnerabilities across all business sectors to disturbing effect. Peek behind the curtain and view a live demonstration of the dark web as we expose the very latest tactics and techniques cyber criminals are deploying today.

Create a Universal Experience: Making Sense of Automation Technology

Uncover trends in retail banking, experience mapping through in-branch zoning, and learn how to index your branch network’s health. Whether your bank is in its initial phases of universal banking planning or you have already created a prototype universal banking model, this session offers strategies for successful rollout. Make sense of the spectrum of in-branch automation technology — and most importantly, see how to avoid technology money-pits that will soon be leapfrogged by newer consumer options.

Data-Driven Expansion Decisions

Expanding into new markets requires clear execution on a finite set of potential strategies. The decision to enter a new market requires a material investment in time, money and reputation that also affects overall performance. Taking the time to invest upfront in a comprehensive data-driven analysis is essential to avoid costly mistakes.

Develop an Innovation Strategy

Learn about the concepts and tasks you need to build an innovation plan for your community bank. Hear innovation strategy success stories from other community banks that take into consideration staffing, committee structures, resources, culture and technology.

Develop Your Digital Delivery Strategy

Developing a comprehensive digital strategy is vital in the rapidly evolving world of banking. Customers demand instant digital access. Shape your digital future with practical approaches your bank can adopt today.

Five Things You Need to Know About Real-time Payments

The Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force recently issued the “Final Report Part Two: A Call to Action for Real-time Payments.” Find out the five most important things you need to do now to prepare for real-time payments and update some of the solutions already in the marketplace.

Get a Piece of the $86 Billion P2P Pie

By some estimates peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments could represent as much as $86 billion in 2018. While it’s true that there is already an abundance of P2P options in the marketplace, consumers have consistently indicated that they would prefer to use financial solutions offered by their banks due to security and privacy concerns. This is the time for community banks to embrace P2P.

Good Marketing Strategies for a Challenging Farm Economy

As low farm prices threaten the ag sector, the ability for farmers to execute sound marketing plans can make the difference between survival or bankruptcy. Learn how to help your ag customers succeed.

Innovate Like a Fintech

Fintech companies are becoming known for their ability to change rapidly and their focus on frictionless customer experience. Creating unique and limited resistance for the customer in areas like payments and loan originations is a strategy right out of the fintech playbook. Hear directly from fintech companies on how they are approaching innovation and the tactics you can apply at your bank.

A Layered Approach to Fraud Mitigation

As payments fraud schemes grow in complexity a fraud mitigation strategy that incorporates a multi-layered approach is critical. See what a layered fraud mitigation strategy looks like for a card program, including what solutions and processes need to be in place from origination, cardholder access, transactional processing and post-transaction evaluation.

Leverage Fintech to Grow Your Bank

More community banks are collaborating with fintech to meet growing customer demand for better digital banking experiences. See examples of how banks have successfully leveraged fintech partnerships to differentiate themselves in their marketplaces and hear what new trends are shaping the future.

Soup to Nuts: Mitigating and Managing Cyber Risk

The first step to protect your institution against cyber risk is preparation. You must know your data, you must know your vulnerabilities and you must know the threats you face. This presentation covers pre-breach services that can help businesses protect against cyber risks, including cybersecurity assessments, pen testing, compliance audits, and more. Review the latest cyber claim trends and issues in incident response.

Successful Fintech Partnerships: A Panel Discussion

A moderated panel of community bank C-level executives shares how they have successfully partnered with fintech to drive innovation and heighten customer experience. Get perspectives on what makes a fintech partnership successful. Hear what due diligence was required and how your peers overcame regulatory scrutiny, integration and culture dynamics and formulated measurements for success.

The Future of Plastic in Payments

What role does the physical payments card have as more payments move to the digital space? Examine the latest payments industry trends and see how issuers can make the most of physical card issuance.

What Is AI and Why Should I Care?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are common buzzwords. Learn more about AI and see examples of how AI can be used in the community banking sector to achieve operational efficiency and improve customer interactions.
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