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Tactical insights and education on how to skillfully build your brand, deepen engagement with customers, and communicate more effectively within your market.

Community Banking and the Amazon Effect

Nationwide, consumers and small businesses use Amazon for instant gratification. We buy, we sell and we transact our business in the blink of an eye. It’s no surprise that the need for speed and the expectation of ubiquity has spread to food service, auto buying and yes, even banking. Learn five ways your bank can begin to change its culture to evolve, communicate and deploy a successful Amazon-like experience.

Community Banking Impressions 2018: A Panel Discussion

Consumer behavior and the rapid adoption of technology have had a profound shift in the way consumers shop and bank. Hear from a panel of community bankers and discover how they transformed the cultures at their banks to drive growth and create dynamic and engaging experiences for their customers.

Evolve: Digital Experience and Digital Marketing

Review the evolution of technology in our industry with an emphasis on mortgage lending and digital marketing. Learn how digital experience and digital marketing are moving forward in parallel lines and where they intersect.

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