Individual Growth & Leadership Track

Polish up your current skills and learn a few new ones to give you the advantage you need in today's rapidly evolving world.

Be a Leader People Want to Follow

Effective leaders are communicators who build and sustain both positional and personal power. Positional power is based on your title or position within your bank whereas personal power is gained through your knowledge and experience. Learn how to leverage your personal power to inspire cohesiveness and commitment between leaders and followers and increase your positional power within the bank.

Build Teams by Breaking Records

Leverage the excitement of breaking records to inspire and motivate your team. Learn four important fundamentals that create record-breaking performance, plus simple strategies to put them in play.

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Everyone talks about the importance of a positive attitude, but do you really know how to change your mindset quickly for optimal results? See how a sense of humor might be the best tool at your disposal for boosting performance across your team and organization.

The New Multi-Generational Office

Each generation has its own ideas and preferences concerning authority, career goals, rewards and work/life balance. With four generations in the workplace, is your team equipped to deal with the varied expectations of each demographic?

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