Chris Lorence-0068rChris Lorence is executive vice president and chief marketing officer at the Independent Community Bankers of America. He has direct oversight and management of the organizations marketing and communications department, which includes political advocacy messaging, social media integration, press relations, and brand management. Chris is also responsible for the organization’s flagship award winning national magazine, Independent Banker®.

His social media presence and leadership insights called Chrisisms can be seen on LinkedIn and Twitter almost daily and led him to be named one of the Top 50 CMO’s in social media by Forbes magazine in 2014. @ChrisCommando


JessicaWallaceHeadshotJessica Wallace is digital strategy and marketing engagement specialist at the Independent Community Bankers of America. She is responsible for all digital communications including social media, blogs and web content at ICBA.

When she’s not busy engaging with bankers via @ICBA’s twitter handle, you can find her scuba diving somewhere warm, instagramming too many photos of her son or teaching her old dogs new tricks. @ICBA_Jessica


JanaJurukovskaHeadshotJana Jurukovska is the vice president of marketing and creative director at the Independent Community Bankers of America where she enjoys reinvigorating the ICBA member experience. Jana has considerable experience in the marketing and design industries, working with a wide range of clients to solve some of their toughest marketing and user experience challenges.

When she’s not busy managing several project simultaneously … almost always, she’s busy wondering what country to visit next… 21 down, a few hundred more to go. @JanaJ_DC


BrianONeillBrian O’Neill is chief client officer at FIS. Brian brings extensive experience working with FIS clients, most recently as Vice President, Partner Management and Commercial Sales. His background has been equal-parts sales, marketing and client relations. Having been the former Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operations Officer for Private Business, Inc. (now part of ProfitStars), Brian is acutely aware of the challenges that face the financial industry, particularly in light of the current regulatory-heavy environment we find ourselves in today.

In addition to the financial services industry, Brian has played key executive leadership roles in healthcare and in the consumer packaged goods space. These experiences have not only broadened his perspective, but have helped him lead through change in many different operating environments. 


BarbaraBenjaminBarbara Benjamin is assistant vice president of the credit administration department at Citizens Bank of Las Cruces in Las Cruces, N.M. She has been with Citizens Bank for 20 years. She is a proud U.S. Army veteran and enjoys taking part in community activities that benefit our armed services veterans. She has served on the bank’s employee relations committee for many years and enjoys seeking out new and exciting ways to get bank employees involved in the community. Her time outside of work is often spent at local car shows with her 1963 Ford Galaxie, “Rosie”.


RobCapozzoliRobert is first vice president and marketing director at Provident Bank. He has direct oversight and management of the organization's marketing, public relations, corporate donations, and digital engagement. This includes brand management, media selection and placement, press relations, social media, and volunteer and corporate giving efforts. He is a 2013 graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking where he also earned a Wharton Leadership Certificate.

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