2014 ICBA Leadership Development Conference

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Education Topics

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Many of today’s leaders gained a positive impression by being good at “Doing the Doing”. What helped a leader earn that reputation is of little help when every day they are asked to confront employees who are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. This fast-paced, and in-the-trenches session will focus on what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s workplace. Learn how to balance both employees’ and upper management’s expectations, better understand a leader’s role in motivation, and the leading mistakes committed by leaders.
Speaker: John Graci, Director of Leadership Training, Trusight, Inc.

Community Banking: Time for Disruptive Transformation

Experts agree that community banking will undergo more change in the upcoming decade than the industry has experienced in the last century. Market consolidation, technology integration, virtualization of the consumer experience and uncertainty on the role of the future of community banking will likely stretch any banker’s competencies beyond their comfort zones. Today’s emerging leaders are revolutionizing their banks with a disruptive approach that aligns brand, place and culture. Hear how to implement meaningful change, lead with confidence and drive disruptive transformation. Learn about visionary thinking, how to lead and drive change and the best practices of industry leaders who are delivering transformational change.
Speaker: Kevin Blair, President & CEO, NewGround

Disruptive Transformation Leadership Strategy

In studying thousands of financial service providers and successful businesses globally, a startling discovery was uncovered: transformational and market thought leaders follow a similar pattern in the development and execution of their visions throughout organizations. This discovery led to the development of a unique methodology called IMAGINE, which creates a comprehensive business strategy that will drive disruptive transformation for your bank. You’ll learn how this unique process, if implemented properly, will unleash the power of your bank. Learn about the greatest obstacles to success, seven steps to disruptive transformation and best practices for delivering transformational change.
Speaker: Kevin Blair, President & CEO, NewGround

Effective Situational Leadership in Community Banking

Do you ever think about what it takes to be an effective leader within different situations at your community bank? This tech-savvy presentation is going to answer the question for you in an informative and entertaining manner. Hear specific scenarios from within community banks that will give practical “real life” advice on how to provide leadership to your institution.
Speakers: Greyson Tuck, Director and Doc Bodine, Managing Director, Gerrish, McCreary Smith, PC

Today’s Technology – Keeping Up With Accelerating Change for Non-Techie Leaders

Technology touches nearly every area of your bank. It can impact customers, employees and your overall business in both positive and negative ways. The pace that technology changes is only accelerating, and keeping up with these changes allows banks to optimize technology and create positive advantage for your customers. Wewill focus on topics that can help even non-technical community bank leaders influence the organization in making decisions related to technology to keep up with industry trends and customer demands. Learn about the current bank system vendor market, how community banks manage IT issues and decisions, and what tools can be used to better influence the bank’s strategic use of technology today and in the future.
Speaker: Kent Conrad, Director – Technology Advisory Services, McGladrey LLP

The Tests of Leadership: Innovative Ways to Evaluate Yourself as a Leader

Effective leadership skills can help us in almost every aspect of life…in both personal and business relationships and in achieving goals. Can you pass the tests of leadership? You will be challenged to think outside of the box and measure yourself as a leader from the perspective of the follower. Understand the eight common leadership pitfalls every leader should watch out for, learn the key areas that will determine your effectiveness as a leader and develop an action plan for ensuring ongoing leadership success.
Speaker: Regina Barr, Founder & CEO, Red Ladder

Making Sense of Success: Go Beyond IQ and Get to Know Your EQ

Discover what Emotional Intelligence is (and what it is not), and why it’s a shaping factor in gauging success and knowing how to differentiate yourself in your career. We’ll explore the five factors that determine your Emotional Intelligence Quotient. And you’ll learn to analyze how your feelings, emotions and reactions affect your personal relationships. Plus, you will collect pragmatic tips to “up” your EQ.
Speaker: Brad Federman, COO, F & H Solutions Group

What Makes a True Leader Successful?

Leadership success is more than a “skills” issue. It requires a mindset and goes beyond just managing people. What is the difference between struggling leaders, good leaders and great leaders? Many leaders struggle in their first two years. Learn about the transition to leadership, what it is all about and why it’s so important, and then how to develop your own leadership transition plan.
Speaker: Brad Federman, COO, F & H Solutions Group

Maximizing your Community Bank’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

While community banks have come a long way technologically, for many, social media still represents the next frontier. Learn how to take advantage of a social presence, change negative social sentiment into a positive customer experience and maximize the value of Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social channels to increase engagement and drive brand advocacy.
Speaker: Beau Ballin, Vice President of Marketing Client Strategy, MotivAction

Turn Your Business Process into an Asset, not a Liability

Do your employees spend their days focused on activities that help drive your business' overall growth, or are they investing too much time on workflow processes that deliver little results? Business Process Management (BPM) can help leaders gain the clarity and insight they need to make business decisions that grow profitability while proactively managing operational risk and compliance. Learn how implementing a BPM discipline can help leaders capitalize on emerging business opportunities, identify prospective deals ahead of their competitors and head off risk and regulatory issues before they become critical.
Speaker: Jamie van der Hagen, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services

Staying Ahead of Disintermediation: Transforming and Leading Your Payments Strategy

The payments industry is undergoing unprecedented change. A new payments paradigm is emerging as traditional revenue streams dry up, new players appear and disrupt the landscape, and consumers gain more latitude in defining their commerce experiences. Consumers are gaining power through digital technology, enabling them to choose where, when and how they shop. A customer’s journey is no longer a predictable path through a single channel of distribution. Session highlights include staying top of wallet through innovation and exploring the key factors in developing an emerging payment strategy.
Speaker: Bob Legters, SVP Payment Products, FIS North American Card Solutions

Waking Up to Your Leadership Duties When it Comes to Compliance

“Wakeup call” for today’s banking leaders – regulatory compliance is not going away! Almost every bank executive identifies compliance as one of the top inhibitors to growth, and yet this is the one area of banking that is still managed by tackling and blocking and hoping for the best. That is just not good enough anymore. Discover what you can do to take action today. Learn how to quantify what compliance is really costing your business, identify easy cost-cutting opportunities and deploy specific tactics that can have bottom line impact.
Speakers: Andy Greenawalt, Co-founder and CEO, Continuity Control; Jim Kisch, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Continuity Control

Security and Leadership: The New Normal

Your first priority is to protect your customers’ financial interactions. To achieve this, you must apply a “Secure by Design” philosophy, whereby every action taken and every decision made is viewed through the lens of security. The basic premise of being “Secure by Design” is that cybersecurity has no end state and the need for constant vigilance, scrutiny and self-improvement is essential to remain ahead of cyber threats. We will explore the five key areas in adopting a Secure by Design strategy.
Speaker: Colin Sheppard, Director-Global Incident Response, FIS

Roundtable Topics

Topic: Community Banking Hot Topics

Our discussion will largely focus on the current community banking environment, regulatory and compliance issues and the future of community banking. We’ll discuss anything related to the current state of your bank.
Moderator: Greyson Tuck

Topic: Community Banking Today and Into the Future

How do you deal with operational and strategic issues in your bank? We’ll discuss topics ranging from core banking activities to regulatory issues to long-term planning. Additional topics may include lending issues, staffing issues, corporate structure, mergers and acquisitions opportunities, growth initiatives, attracting and retaining key employees and succession planning.
Moderator: Doc Bodine

Topic: The Disappearing Branch

Recently the debate around the relevance of the branch and shifting consumer preferences to the virtual channels has reached emotional levels with no clear one-size-fits-all strategy evolving. A surge in micro-branches and the trend toward smaller automated retail outlets further complicates the debate. This group will explore the future role of the branch and how to right size what is wrong sized.
Moderator: Kevin Blair

Topic: Building better banking relationships with small businesses in The Age of the Customer

Jim will reveal and moderate discussion on the seven areas community bankers should understand to speak small business as a second language. This will assist you in helping customers be more successful, improving cash flow and profitability, and manifesting in increased deposits, more business loans and services delivered.
Moderator: Moderator: Jim Blasingame

Topic: Regulatory Climate vs. Engagement

We’ll explore how we create a culture and work environment that excites employees and creates the desire to thrive in banking amid our current regulatory requirements. br />Moderator:Brad Federman

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