Technology Resource Center


FFIEC Frequently Asked Questions on Guidance: Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment—August 2006)
FFIEC Guidance: Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment—October 2005
Authentication in Internet Banking: A Lesson in Risk Management
FFIEC Releases Onerous Authentication Guidance—October 2005



ICBA Independent Banker, Keeping Watch—December 2007
ICBA Independent Banker, Innovation—December 2007
ICBA Independent Banker, Strong Defense—February 2007

Industry Resources

VISA Toolkit: Maintaining Consumer Confidence During Data Security Breach
BITS Email Security Toolkit: Protocols and Recommendations for Reducing the Risks—April 2007
BITS Framework for Managing Technology Risk for IT Service Provider Relationships—November 2003

Regulatory Resources

FDIC Updates IT Risk Management Exam Guide
Identity Theft Red Flags and Address Discrepancies Under the FACT Act of 2003; Final Rule
BSA/AML Exam Manual
FFIEC Issues New Information Security Guidance for Examiners and Financial Institutions—February 2003
FDIC Issues New Examination Procedures for Assessing Information Technology Risk—October 2002
FIL: Risk Management of Technology Outsourcing—November 2000

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking Statement Stuffer
BITS Guide to Verification, Authentication & Financial Experience Information Technology for Online New Account Openings—January 2005
Report to Congress on the Banking Regulations Affecting Online Delivery of Financial Products and Services—November 2001
Protecting Internet Domain Names—November 2000

Technology Research

Gartner Survey Shows Phishing Attacks Escalated—December 2007

Technology Survey

2008 Results
2006 Results
2005 Results
2004 Results
2003 Results
2002 Results

Other Technology Resources

Banker Briefing: Bank Technology Trends—August 2008
Banker Briefing: E-Payments—August 2008


BITS Guide to Business Critical Telecommunications Services—November 2004
BITS Voluntary Guidelines for Aggregation Services—January 2004
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