Webinar: Your Growth Secret: Winning Affluent Millennials

05/12/2014 - 05/12/2014

Telephone Seminar

Program Time: 11 am eastern, 60 minutes

Affluent Millennials-age 18 to 36-deliver the greatest lifetime value of any generation in banking today. The challenge is Affluent Millennials communicate, think and bank differently than any previous generation. In fact, what worked five years ago at your bank can be a complete turnoff to Millennials today. Maybe you've seen this:

  • Young adults staring at their phone while you're talking with them
  • You leave a voicemail and they reply with a text (or not at all!)

However, did you know that Affluent Millennials are the most likely generation to refer their friends? This same group is buying houses, starting and growing businesses and determining whom they will bank with for decades. That bank should be yours.

In an exclusive one-time only webinar, Jason Dorsey will share with us exactly how to attract, communicate with and retain Affluent Millennials.

You may remember Jason as the Gen Y keynote from Convention who received a rousing standing ovation. Jason will share step-by-step actions we can use on our website, social media, on location and in person. The best part is the actions can all be implemented to drive results within 30 days.

If you were at Convention, you know Jason has an uncanny ability to show community bankers how to make Affluent Millennials a growth strategy. And as a community bank customer, his personal connection to what we do makes his recommendations even more valuable.


  • Reveal the mindset of Affluent Millennials
  • Uncover how to communicate with them to save you time and frustration
  • Learn specific website components to increase conversion and traffic
  • Find out what's missing in your office and LinkedIn profile to create instant trust
  • Most of all, learn specific actions to win Affluent Millennials right now
  • Three (3) secrets to attract Affluent Millennials for loans and other key banking services
  • Three (3) ways to retain Affluent Millennials and get them to refer their friends within a week


Jason Dorsey received a rousing standing ovation at ICBA Convention 2014. Known as The Gen Y Guy, he has been featured on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View, The Early Show and dozens more. His specialty is solving tough generational challenges with bank customers and employees. A bestselling author, his newest book is Y-Size Your Business.

Pricing: ICBA Member: $189 | Nonmember: $289