Webinar: Accelerate Growth & Avoid "Reg Strangulation"

03/05/2013 - 03/05/2013

Telephone Seminar

Time: 11:00 am Eastern | 10:00 am Central | 9:00 am Mountain | 8:00 am Pacific

Length: 60 Minutes

The potentially crippling impact of regulation is top of mind for every community banking executive. Its harsh side-effects further amplify the pressure caused by shrinking net interest margins and increasingly force the industry into a commoditized market. In this environment, larger banks, able to rationalize their costs, will compete on price and threaten the viability of smaller, community banks. So how do banking leaders in the community banking sector develop responsible innovation in today’s risk-averse, highly regulated environment?

In this webinar, David Lapin, CEO of Lapin International, and author of Lead By Greatness, will share a new leadership paradigm for community banking executives to mitigate regulation’s paralyzing impact by creating cultures where fear of risk is replaced by smart inspiration. He will offer several practical examples where this philosophy has been integrated and has delivered measurable results with lasting impact. Leaders will gain important insights for how to:

  • Avoid constricting and defensive reactions to regulatory demands
  • Convert intangible assets (like culture, vision, values, relationships and reputation) into measurable value
  • Harness leadership talent to close a growing inspiration gap and create environments fueled by innovation and trust

Speaker: David Lapin, CEO of Lapin International, and author of Lead By Greatness


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