Audio Conf: Moving Toward Fewer, More Profitable Employees

10/02/2012 - 10/02/2012

Telephone Seminar

Time: 11:00 am Eastern | 10:00 am Central | 9:00 am Mountain | 8:00 am Pacific

Length: 60 Minutes

Hear how community banks are successfully attacking their 2nd biggest expense AND improving customer service levels simultaneously. Very few use the proven professional talent management tools big banks have employed for years; tools proven to increase employee productivity AND job satisfaction. This session will open the eyes of any management who feels some of their employees aren't pulling their share of the load but just can't clearly and objectively separate them. Just one "bad apple" can drag bank performance down by as much as 40%. You will hear at least one solution to solve this challenge fairly.

Rick Wemmers, speaker, consultant and trainer is an exciting, entertaining and proven expert on business development for financial institutions. Over the past 26 years, he has counseled numerous banks of all sizes across America on solving bank growth challenges. He also has similar experiences with companies in 50 different industries, from Fortune 50 to the smallest of startups.

Rick provides unique, real-world, real-time knowledge and help about using all the bank business development tools and tactics. He brings fresh, useful insights on such subjects as consumer psychographics, customer retention/loyalty, target marketing, sales culture improvement and building market share - quickly.


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Program Level: Basic-Intermediate

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