WR Seminar: Community Bank CFO Conference

06/06/2012 - 06/08/2012

San Diego, CA

Designed for the community bank finance professional, this conference provides solutions to your most challenging issues through industry expert presentations and peer discussions.

Profitability Pools Around the Bank a CFO Can Fish to Improve Performance
Steve Brown, President/CEO, Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank
Community bank CFOs are trying many different things to boost profitability. Some will be successful, while others could be increasing the risk profile of the bank to unacceptable levels. Explore pools of opportunity that exist around the bank that you can fish to generate better performance without taking on too much risk.

Regulator Panel
Melissa Carlson, Field Supervisor, FDIC
Tom Cunningham, Vice President, Risk Monitoring and Analysis
Group Division of Banking Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Catherine Nahnsen-Robison, Deputy Commissioner, California Department of Financial Institutions)

Our panel of regulators share current regulatory trends, hot spots and challenges facing the industry going forward. Hear from the CFPB on what their plans and focus will be as they begin to take the lead in consumer related compliance.

Capital Market Solutions to Enhance Core Banking Activity
Rick Redmond, Head of Marketing and Trading, Vining Sparks Interest Rate Products, LLC
There are a number of uses of interest rate products that are available to community bankers. Not only can your lending competitiveness improve, you can also very efficiently fix an asset/liability problem or lock in long-term, low cost funding at levels well below your core market. We will discuss these strategies which community bankers are using to enhance their profit margins.

Taking Advantage of the Current Environment with an Eye on Future Risk
Steve Brown, President/CEO, Pacific Coast Bankers' Bank
Learn how to generate more profits in a tough current environment without taking on too much risk. Delve into techniques other banks are using and the risks/rewards of each so you can decide which ones might make sense for your bank and which ones don't. Better understand industry trends, potential risks and what you can do right now as a community bank CFO to enhance performance.

Banker Peer Exchange Session: Performance & Profitability: What's working for you?

Managing Your Default Pipeline
Dr. Thomas J. Parliment, Chairman /CEO, Parliment Consulting Services, Inc.,
At the request of the FDIC, Dr. Tom has been running a $300mm "troubled" bank for the last year. In this presentation, you'll hear a thought provoking (and humorous) analysis of the credit quality analytics that Dr. Tom had to develop for the bank. The migration and vintage loan analysis that he developed had to be relatively simple and capable of being used by a regular community bank. No consultants or expensive outsourcing… just you, your database and an excel spreadsheet… can get the job done! It's real… it's relevant…best of all….it can be used in your bank. Dr. Tom will help you better identify your at-risk loans, get a better understanding of migration analysis, understand the essentials of vintage analysis and the implications for ALLL analysis and to manage the sufficiency of capital.

Banker Peer Exchange Session: Managing Relationships - Internal and External

Accounting Updates - New Issues, Policies & Changes on the Horizon
Tullus Miller, Partner, Moss Adams, LLP
This session provides focus and guidance on changes in accounting and reporting issues for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013. This session will help you identify where you may need to spend additional time or resources.

Contingency Funding-Have You Taken Your Plan to the Next Level?
Karl Nelson, CEO, KPN Consulting
You've drafted your funding plan, complete with sample forms, templates and checklists-it's even gone to the board and been blessed. But, when was the last time you dusted it off, kicked the tires so-to-speak to make sure it remains representative of how you bank does business. If you haven't looked at your existing policy and ensured that it is current, you could be faced with the regulators telling you it doesn't meet current regulatory expectations and requirements. This session is designed to show you the 'what and how' of taking your CFP to the next level.

Banker Peer Exchange Session: The One Thing I NEED to Know NOW is….

Increase Your SBA Program Without Increasing Your Risk
G. Arne Monson, President, Holtmeyer & Monson
Bankers are looking for ways to make business loans while increasing their fee income without taking on additional risks. Our speaker, a leader in the SBA lending industry will show you how your bank can make more SBA guaranteed loans and what your bank must do to protect the SBA guarantee. If you're looking for alternative sources of fee income - you don't want to miss this session.

Start Time: 8:30 am Day One
End Time: 11:00 am Day Three

Who should attend: Community bank CFOs, controllers, cashiers, finance officers

12 CPE Credits

Member/Nonmember: $395
Associate Members: $395

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