Curriculum: Digital Webinar Series

Community Bank Financial Forensics

As a community bank leader, you must understand the bank and its infrastructure from many perspectives. This requirement pushes a leader to think creatively outside his or her primary area of expertise and learn principles needed for greater community bank success. In this webinar series, new and current community bank leaders will take a comprehensive look at the key technical banking considerations all leaders must understand to improve function and achieve superior results at the bank.

By downloading and viewing each webinar, community bank leaders will gain an understanding of the vital questions necessary to ask other community bank leaders. This knowledge will allow for greater relationships, management, and leadership across multiple community bank business lines.

For these webinar downloads to qualify for the Leadership Academy, a Questionnaire of Completion must be submitted to ICBA’s Community Banker University. This questionnaire can be found in your My Downloads within your ICBA account. Instructions for submitting can be found on the bottom of the questionnaire.

Presented in partnership with the Experts at CliftonLarsonAllen. Webinar downloads include:

Vendor Management & Risk Strategies

Presenter: Josh Juergensen

Summary: Leaders will learn the important catalysis on which to focus and gain valuable takeaways in third-party management, mitigating risk exposure, due diligence and examination preparation.

The New World of Cyber

Presenter: Amy McHugh

Summary: Leaders must be able to effectively manage a bank’s cyber strategy while providing uninterrupted products and services to its customers. Learners will focus on the cyber policy, procedures, and strategic application necessary to protect the bank’s infrastructure, mitigate risk, protect critical data, and deploy and monitor a cyber plan.

Balance Sheet Management

Presenter: Neil Falken & Laura Espeseth

Summary: Successful community bank leaders must be able to manage the bank’s balance sheet effectively. Learners will understand how to sharpen asset and liability management skills, weave essential monitoring of balances sheets risks into a daily schedule, define risk-return tradeoffs and comply with regulatory requirements, manage interest rate risk and liquidity risk, and accomplish modern approaches to NII/NIE/NIM.

The 10 Keys to Effective Bank Compliance

Presenter: John Zasada

Summary: Compliance management in today’s regulatory battlefield can be the difference between moderate improvement and winning success at a community bank. Every community bank leader, regardless of primary responsibilities, must be keenly aware of ten keys to effective compliance management. Learners will be provided with modern techniques to ensure a bank’s compliance management function is proactively positioned. Takeaways discussed will give learners the tools to take on both regulatory scrutiny and customer demands.

Tax and Audit Strategies

Presenter: Amanda Garnett & David Heneke

Summary: Learning to leverage a bank’s tax and audit strategies can catapult a community bank into greater financial success. As a leader in a bank, the way to manage tax and audit solutions available to a bank can generate greater fiscal advancement and expose an institution to new product opportunities. Tap into the tax and audit experts offering advice to all community bank leaders.

Leadership & Personal Development Skills

If you can lead, you will succeed. Community bank leaders should use this statement to catapult their learning into high gear. As a community bank leader, you get to look beyond today and look for opportunities to lead yourself, your bank, and your community forward.

The community, both within and outside a bank, needs its leaders to evolve even before they ask. Remember that as a community bank leader, your view of the future is contagious. In this webinar series, three leadership experts share their fearless thoughts and observations to offer you valuable insights into taking your leadership skills to peak level.

For these webinar downloads to qualify for the Leadership Academy, a Questionnaire of Completion must be submitted to ICBA’s Community Banker University. This questionnaire can be found in your My Downloads within your ICBA account. Instructions for submitting can be found on the bottom of the questionnaire.

Webinar downloads include:

Transitions: Learning to Lead

Presenter: Brad Federman

Summary: This program helps individual contributors make the transition to leadership positions in a smoother more efficient manner. Some organizations will also utilize the program as part of a succession planning process.

Your Leadership Brand: Evaluating Your Impact

Presenter: Sara Canaday

Summary: Personal brand is the synthesis of several key components. When these pieces come together they create the whole picture that the rest of the world recognizes as You. As professionals and leaders, we spend time, energy, and resources finding new ways to be more successful. The factors that pay the most dividends are the same ones that are most often overlooked or disregarded. They are the intangible factors that allow us to showcase our hard-earned skills, present ourselves effectively, and effectively engage with others. Learners will identify the critical components of Leadership Brand, identify brand attitudes, strengthen influence, and communication, and formulate strategies that form the basis of a personal development plan.

Train Your Brain for Success

Presenter: Roger Seip

Summary: Your brain is the single biggest driver of your energy, your focus and the results you realize in every area of life. Your career, finances, physical health and relationships are constantly created and influenced by your thinking. Gain a better understanding of how your brain creates your experiences, how it shapes your results and how to overcome your brain’s default settings. Learn to harness the incredibly creative capacity of your mind and achieve your personal best – professionally, financially and personally.

Implementing Innovation: How Much is Too Much

Presenter: Christina Churchill - this is a different name than currently on the website

Summary: Implementing change is often hindered by our ability to clearly communicate technology needs to the business owners and the management team. By speaking the same language, you will have the opportunity to elevate IT from the helpdesk to a true partner, and strategist within your organization. Technologists today need to create meaningful cost benefit analysis, leverage user assumptions, and manage your organization's capacity for change.