About the Leadership Academy

Lead Fwd Leadership often means different things to different people.  One can be a “bad” leader or a “good” leader, and some become “great” leaders.  There are some that believe you can only be born a true leader.  The truth, though, is that leadership can be learned.  

ICBA and Community Banker University answered the call for leadership development by  creating a comprehensive leadership training program ‐ The Leadership Academy.  The  Academy, with 90 hours of curriculum, provides bankers with the opportunity to learn key  technical banking skills necessary for leading employees at all levels.  Additionally, the program  affords participants new insights into modern leadership knowledge and participation in a  collaborative national network.    

The Leadership Academy is also affiliated with the prestigious Barret School of Banking,  providing Academy participants with a comprehensive understanding of all major functions  performed in financial institutions, including analytical, operational, and regulatory areas.    Leadership Academy participants are required to complete the following:

  • Attend and participate in three live events including the ICBA Capital Summit, the  Leadership Academy Forum, and the LEAD FWD Summit;
  • Actively engage and participate in two webinar series; and
  • Complete a series of online coursework focused on leadership acceleration.

Upon completion of the Leadership Academy curriculum, participants are awarded a certificate  of completion from ICBA and Community Banker University. While the certificate is tangible evidence of the hard work expended, the knowledge acquired throughout the program is ready  for lifelong keeping.