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Give your internal auditing department a boost with ICBA auditing manuals. Each manual contains valuable information, schedules, checklists, questionnaires, procedures, sample policies, working papers, liabilities,  assets, regulatory accounting and operation auditing, and bank information auditing.

Written by Jerry Felicelli, CliftonLarsonAllen


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Auditing The Basics This manual is designed to provide the tools and step-by-step procedures needed to establish and maintain an effective internal audit function within your bank.


Internal Auditing Working Papers This manual is designed to demonstrate and reinforce the working paper concepts introduced in Auditing the Basics manual. Specifically, it demonstrates how to prepare, index, cross reference, file and maintain clear and complete working papers that abide by all FDICIA and internal audit professional standards.


Auditing Liabilities and Other Activities: Materials in this manual include key concepts related to auditing deposit activities, such as risks associated with deposits, audit procedures for deposits, wire transfers and official check activities.


Auditing Assets This manual focuses on major control objectives and procedures for auditing assets, including loan activities, investment activities, due from bank, and segregation of duties to provide effective control.


Regulatory Accounting and Operational Auditing Information provided in this manual includes understanding bank financial statements, how asset/liability management works and how it affects the audit process, operational auditing, fraud detection and prevention and compliance auditing.


Bank Information Systems Auditing This manual is designed for community bank internal auditors who need to learn the concepts of control and audit of bank electronic date processing and bank information systems. It provides the tools and step-by-step procedures needed to perform an internal audit of the bank's information processing systems.


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