ICBA - Online Education Courses - Online: Excel 2007: Level 2

Online: Excel 2007: Level 2

Level 2: 60 Lessons - approximately 6 hours of trainingThis course familiarizes students with intermediate-level spreadsheet features. Students will learn how to convert older workbooks to the new default XML-based file format; customize the Quick Access toolbar; use logical and financial functions; format worksheets using themes, styles, and page breaks; use 3-D references; ready workbooks for the Web; use templates to create workbooks; and insert and manipulate objects such as shapes and SmartArt diagrams into a spreadsheet. They will also learn how to customize workbooks by renaming worksheets; inserting, deleting, and hiding worksheets; and changing the color of worksheet tabs. In addition, the course points out how tables in Excel serve as databases and covers how to convert data ranges into tables, apply table styles, freeze and unfreeze rows and columns, sort tables, and use filters in tables.

This program contains 1 module(s).

3 CPE Credit(s)

Category:  Computer Skills

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