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Lending Workshops

The following is a preliminary list with brief descriptions of educational workshops. (subject to change)

Strategies for Mortgage Portfolio Lending*
Learn portfolio lending using FHLB advances/programs to meet mortgage loan demand; and not have to sell to Fannie or Freddie or the aggregators.

Challenges and Pitfalls of the CFPB Mortgage Rules*
Review how the supervision of the CFBP guidelines will affect community banks and how they can meet the challenges looming and avoid the pitfalls. As a community bank you must be prepared with a compliance management system, able to explain your unfair, deceptive or abusive act prevention guidelines, demonstrate your fair lending practices, and how you manage your third party vendor relationships. Be among those ready and able to successfully navigate those guidelines and be successful.

The Farm Economy and the Future of Ag Banking*
New farm bill policies could make major changes in how community bankers serve agriculture, particularly regarding how much risk farmers face in the future. Will good times end or are years of prosperity likely? How will broader economic fortunes impact agriculture and ag lending?

Great Marketing Strategies Make Great Farm Borrowers*
Do your customers have the risk management skills to survive in good times and bad? Sound marketing strategies can pave the way for success in an ever changing agricultural marketplace. What is the price outlook for ag commodities? How will drought impact producers? Where are corn and soybeans prices headed?

Using ICBA-Farmer Mac Products to Conquer Your Toughest Competitors*
More and more community banks are utilizing the Farmer Mac secondary market to keep their best customers and find new ones, even in the face of aggressive challenges from their toughest competitors. Learn strategies that will grow your ag lending portfolio by offering competitive, fixed-rate loan products. Ready, Set, Grow!

Helping Your Farm Customers Profit in Challenging Times*
Commodity prices have dropped dramatically in recent months. Producing profits in today’s agricultural markets has suddenly become much more difficult. Learn how your farm customers can enhance their marketing strategies and benefit even in turbulent markets.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Ag Loan Portfolio-Mitigate Third Party Risks*
Large loan losses from fraud and counterparty risks can jeopardize profitable ag portfolios. Bankers must manage third party claims and avoid large loan losses. Learn how to structure loans to avoid pit falls from forward contracts, cattle feeding fraud, hedging problems with insolvent brokerage firms, disastrous weather and unique circumstances.

The Anatomy of Small Business in America*
Do you understand the needs of small businesses today? How can community banks help them succeed? Small business in the U.S. is largely an untapped market for credit, debit and merchant processing. Is your bank offering a full menu of payment services to meet the needs of your small business customers? Learn how to capture a larger share of payment services that small businesses need and want today.

Improving Your Bank’s Scorecard with SBA Lending*
Whether your bank is already involved in SBA lending or you’ve never played before. It’s a gimme: Every bank is defined by the level of service you deliver to your community, and your involvement with SBA lending can place your institution on the leader board — by enabling you to help put businesses of all sizes in a better position to thrive. Discuss tips and best practices to improve SBA lending success for your customers, while expanding the benefits your bank receives. Identify prime industries and prospects to target, and discuss how non-traditional borrowers can expand your bank’s relationships as well as your portfolio.

Early Returns: What’s Working With Mortgage Reform (and What is Not)*
Looking past the wreckage that is the mortgage reform freight train, what are the early insights into the trouble spots, unturned opportunities, and future considerations for application of community bank lending strategies? Hear a dynamic discussion aimed at the executive suite with take home tools for compliance professionals stranded on the mainland.

Revisiting Commercial Credit Fundamentals*
As the economy struggles to gain traction, financial institutions are looking to grow and/or diversify their portfolios to focus for on C&I. The financial services marketplace is driven by the dumbest competitor. In the world of commercial credit there are only two ways to compete—price and structure. In a perfect world, you would never give on either one. Review the key elements of fundamental commercial credit risk management activities. Hear key components of a strategic credit risk management framework and the key functions of the credit risk process. As the seeds of the next economic bubble are being created we need to be reminded of those commercial credit fundamentals that prevent us from becoming the dumbest competitor.

* These workshops/sessions qualify for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of the session.

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