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Your Bank, Your Brand & Social Media Workshops

The following is a preliminary list with brief descriptions of educational workshops. (subject to change)

Maximizing your Community Bank’s Social Media Marketing Strategy*
While community banks have come a long way technologically, for many, social media still represents the next frontier. Learn how to take advantage of a social presence, change negative social sentiment into a positive customer experience and maximize the value of Facebook, Pinterest and other social channels to increase engagement and drive brand advocacy.

Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media*
Community bankers are already leaders in their communities why not take it a step further and share your depth of knowledge in the digital realm? Becoming a thought leader is a natural transition and is a must in the ever changing world of digital idea sharing. It's also important to build local and national credibility while increasing the brand of your bank. Hone your Twitter skills, learn about the advantages of LinkedIn and more.

Managing A Changing Workforce*
The changing workforce—boomers, mid-careers, and unpredictable Millennials—poses a challenge for improving performance in organizations. What should HR executives be doing today to invest in leadership, workforce development, and knowledge retention initiatives that support strategic business objectives? Identify frameworks and tools needed to sustain a highly-skilled workforce in an era of major demographic and economic change.

How Marketing Can Support Business Banking*
Focus on finding out what products businesses are looking for and how you can align your bank’s marketing with their priorities. More than half of a typical bank’s commercial clients have deposit--‐ only relationships. Learn how to leverage this! And, 50% or more of business owners don’t bank personally where they have their corporate accounts. Learn tactics to bridge this gap and create deep, profitable relationships.

Retail 2020: Future Branch*
Experts predict that the future of community banking over the next ten years will undergo dramatic change, with increased non-traditional competition, the explosion of virtual channel management and increased regulatory control. Today’s banking environments must also evolve to meet the future demands of consumers. See how the financial services industry is repositioning itself to meet the shifting demands of consumers and how to position your organization as a market leader. Understand key market drivers influencing change, define the future role of the branch and learn key trends in retail distribution, along with case studies of financial services providers worldwide leading the charge.

* These workshops/sessions qualify for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of the session.

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