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Blocking and Tackling: The Fundamentals for Developing a Deposit Franchise*

Funding balance sheets with organic deposits requires a sophisticated, encompassing approach to attacking the market. Senior management must understand resources required to achieve success. What statistical techniques are useful when segmenting markets? Who are your largest balance depositors in deposit product lines? How long have balances been with your institution? How will changing demographics impact balances and product offerings? Explore various analytical approaches to data and consumer/business profiles while discussing your market segments and product differentiation. View presentation
Presenter: Thomas Parliment, Chairman & CEO, Parliment Consulting Services

Fintechs, Neobanks and Beer Garages-What Are They? Fear, Fight or Join them to Grow Your Bank?*

Millennials need banking services but don’t need banks. Entrepreneurs can get $150,000 loans online in minutes. Rocket Mortgage promises to make getting a mortgage fast and easy. If your newer employees don’t even bank with you, it’s difficult to expect to attract Millennial customers. Find out how to stay relevant to tomorrow’s customers without revolutionizing your organizational structure by cherry-picking the tools you need now. View presentation
Presenter: Becki Drahota, CEO, Mills Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing: Generating Buzz on a Shoestring Budget*

As a Community Bank marketer, you face the constant challenge of breaking through countless messages and noise that consumers face. Learn how to use guerrilla marketing to get noticed and generate buzz in a cost effective manner. Delve into planning and execution while grasping a clear understanding of the most common pitfalls to avoid. Find inspiration with scalable ideas and solutions that fit even the tightest marketing budgets. View presentation
Presenter: Joe Sullivan, CEO, Market Insights

Millennials: How to Attract, Recruit, Onboard, and Retain Them (They Are Your Customers Too!)*

Baffled by Millennials? Learn more about the largest growing segment of the workforce (who also happen to be the fastest growing consumer segment). Hear from an experienced hiring manager (who is a Millennial himself) as he demystifies the motivations, work styles and aspirations of this generation.
Presenter: Matt Maxwell, Director of Business Development, Passageways

Relationship Banking: There’s Not an App for That*

The branch has been the cornerstone of growth for nearly three decades, however, recent shifts in consumer behavior and the rapid adoption of the use of digital channels has resulted in a profound shift in the role of the branch. Discover the top myths of the branch and learn what you need to do to your retail branches to align with new consumer expectations. View presentation
Presenter: Kevin Blair, CEO, NewGround

The Digital Dozen: 12 Key Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy*

As audiences consume more information (at a faster pace than ever before), attracting the “digital consumer” is becoming increasingly difficult for bankers and marketers alike. As traditional advertising becomes antiquated, developing a digital marketing strategy is imperative to nurturing and growing customers. Learn the key elements of a digital strategy with actionable information that promotes results while diving deeper into the importance of measuring ROI.  View presentation
Presenter: Eric Cook, Digital Strategist, WSI Digital

The Evolution of Banking: Creating a Universal Experience in the Branch Environment*

Branch banking isn’t dead…it’s just different! In this world of high-touch, high-tech experiences, keeping up with ever-evolving customer demands is essential for your survival. Now, the Universal Banker is more important than ever, but how do you deploy a universal banking experience in the retail bank branch? Learn what staff training and tools are vital to successfully implementing this model in the branch environment. The Evolution of Banking
Presenters: Sean Keathley, President & Gina Bleedorn, Customer Experience Officer, Adrenaline

(*) These workshops/sessions are eligible for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of each session.

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