Technology Track

Informs you of technological advances that can enhance your bank’s bottom line, increase its operational efficiencies and boost its competitiveness.

Deciphering Digital-Your Phone is Your Wallet*

Mobile payments are taking consumer banking by storm. Understanding its impact is crucial. Learn how your bank can be a player and how you can serve the needs of all of your customers. View presentation
Presenter: Paul Tomasofsky, Partner, McGovernSmith Advisors

EMV: 18 Months after the Liability Shift*

Discuss the progress of EMV migration and the current market with a panel of speakers from across payment channels. Gain speaker perspective and powerful insight about what the future holds for EMV.
Presenter: Bret Berta, Director of Product, CardPro, FIS

How to Educate Your Board and Customers on Managing Risk and Reducing Cyber Fraud*

Providing education for customers and boards of directors on social engineering threats and general information security best practices is an indispensable step toward properly managing risks and reducing fraud, and ensuring compliance; however, many institutions are not equipped to provide this type of training as education is secondary to their core business. Learn how to quickly build (or enhance) your cyber security awareness program using multiple communication channels to deliver the awareness message. In addition, you will receive specific advice on how to educate the board of directors, communicate risk levels, and present to them your cyber security awareness program. View presentation
Presenter: Tom Garcia, President/CEO, InfoSight, Inc.

Keeping Up With Cybersecurity*

Cybersecurity is in the news nearly every day and affects businesses of all types including community banks. Find out how to establish a culture of security at your bank for a comprehensive and resilient solution to the cyber threat landscape.
Presenter: TBD

Cybersecurity Advancements for Community Banks*

Cybersecurity is more than just an industry buzz-word. With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, staying technologically secure and sound is a challenge for every business. Stay up-to-date on industry-led cybersecurity advancements for your bank. Learn how Sheltered Harbor enhances your ability to safeguard critical consumer account information in the event that a cyberattack disables banking operations. In addition, discover why adopting a .BANK domain name will provide a more secure experience for your bank and customers, while mitigating spoofing, phishing and other malicious activities. View presentation
Presenters: Craig Schwartz, Managing Director, fTLD Registry Services, and Carlos Recalde, Sheltered Harbor

Responsible Financial Innovation*

Disruptive financial innovation is taking many forms and transforming the banking industry and culture. Learn more from the regulatory, consumer advocacy and innovator perspectives during this lively panel discussion.
Presenter: TBD

Schemes & Scams: Fraudulent Check Deposits and Online Banking Fraud*

Your financial institution is under threat from various types of criminal enterprises inflicting losses — from risky checks deposited through branches, ATMs, and mobile deposit; fraud scams that victimize your vulnerable customers; and cyber criminals compromising accounts to amass illicit funds through unauthorized wires and ACH transfers. Learn about the current landscape of fraudulent trends, how fraudsters can put your financial institution at reputational and financial loss risk, and discover best practices to extend and strength your fraud program. 
Presenter: TBD

Securing Payments from Risk to Resilience: Protect Your Bank from New Threats*

Every day, Cyber thieves are finding new ways to steal data from your bank. But you can be smarter and reduce losses at your bank. Delve into the emerging technology that can help your bank improve payment security resiliency.
Presenter: Lori Hodges, Risk, Visa

Universal Representation of Consumer’s Identity - Is it Possible?*

Conventional wisdom tells us that Security and Convenience are inversely related. When security is increased to control the cost of fraud, customer convenience is diminished. And when consumers are offered increased convenience, security must be sacrificed. Imagine a universal digital representation of a consumer’s identity allowing secure access to any online storefront of financial institution without multiple credentials. Imagine a network smart enough to know more about a consumer than any single member organization could possibly know; and flexible enough to apply the minimum friction to authenticate a user within the context of each unique interaction. FIS and its partners have teamed together to solve the opposing forces of convenience and security. Learn about key findings and what this universal network looks like and means for your institution. View presentation
Presenter: Rob Harris, VP Product Strategy, FIS

(*) These workshops/sessions are eligible for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of each session.

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