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Expert insight and guidance for today’s lending environment including agriculture, small business, credit cards, mortgage and commercial.

A Deep Dive into CECL-Implementation Experiences of Community Banks*

Much has been made over the last few years on implementation strategies as CECL becomes a reality. There have been many sessions discussing implementation strategies and what your bank should be considering as you migrate from your current methodology to CECL. Hear about the experiences of community banks who have begun the implementation process, including the pitfalls to avoid and the advice you should heed. View presentation
Presenter: Todd Sprang, CPA, Financial Institutions, CliftonLarsonAllen

Affordable Lending: A Good Business Decision*

In order for your bank to differentiate yourself in your local market and serve the needs of low-moderate income homebuyers, you need to focus on leveraging affordable lending strategies. Uncover these relevant risk management tools to ensure a sound manufacturing process. 
Presenter: Beth Millstein, Director, Fannie Mae

Automating the Commercial Loan Process and Maintaining Your Traditional Customer Relationships are Not Mutually Exclusive!*

You don’t have to choose between a traditional presence and offering customers a digital experience. Instead, the positive customer experience associated with online commercial lending platforms is making small business lending more efficient for community banks. Uncover fresh new methods for blending automation and traditional service in order to meet growing expectations and differentiate your commercial lending from the competition while continuing to nurture customer relationships.
Presenter: Kristin Zell, Product Specialist, ProfitStars

Beating Goliaths in the Small Business Credit Market*

Abundant with opportunity, the Small Business lending market is one of the most attractive destinations for a community bank’s capital.  But this market presents scale challenges and lots of competition from big banks and alternative lenders, with their deep pockets and a digital customer experience.  Are community banks doomed? No way.  Learn in this session how to harness your bank’s inherent strengths and win deals like the goliaths.  Based on a recently fielded survey of 501 credit-seeking small businesses, this session will help you better understand your borrowers, including how they shop for credit, borrow, and feel about the customer experience.
Presenters: Dave Boswell, Head of New Lending Products, D+H & David O’Connell, Sr. Analkyst, Aite Group

Millennials, Mobile and Mortgages*

How important is it for financial institutions to effectively meet the needs and expectations of Millennials while earning their business? Millennials represent a major force in today’s mortgage market. Born roughly between 1982 and 2004, they encompass an estimated 86 million potential customers whose life as active consumers will extend well into the next quarter century. With lives that revolve around mobile and online experiences, they're quite different from past generations of young adults. Understand the history, habits and demands of the first, truly, tech-focused generation, who are quickly becoming community bank customers, members and employees. A financial technology demonstration will highlight strategies for keeping pace with Millennial’s 24/7 style of communication.
Presenters: Kevin Paugh, Associations Marketing Lead & Laura Drebickas, Product Specialist, D+H

Position Your Bank to Handle a Troubled Farm Economy*

In an era of low commodity prices many borrowers of community banks will face increased stress and deteriorating financial statements. What steps should community banks take to position themselves to deal with harsh economic times in the ag sector? Learn how the next farm bill will factor in decisions made by borrowers and lenders. View presentation
Presenter: Dr. Michael Boehlje, Professor, Dept of Ag Economics, Purdue University

Top Ten Tips for Protecting Your Bank from Problem Loans*

The souring ag economy will present ag bankers with a host of problems, including bankruptcies, workouts and problem loans. Community bankers need to be proactive and take steps now to manage risks and avoid problems in the future. Learn tips for protecting your bank.
Presenter: Steve Turner, Partner, Baird Holm, LLP

Turbo Charge Your Credit Process*

Technological advances are rapidly changing the way banks are conducting their lending business. Banks today are adopting modern methods and technology to improve operational efficiency in their small business credit process to meet customer’s expectations of speed, regulators demands for consistency and shareholders demands for profitability. Using predictive data is essential, the way of the future and the most exciting innovation in today’s credit underwriting process. Learn more about credit scoring best practices in lowering the cost of application, how to incorporate credit scores into an expert judgement scorecard, and how to map risk ratings in the credit underwriting process. View presentation
Presenters: Barry Ripes, Managing Director, & Todd Hogan, Director, PayNet, Inc.

Winning Against Your Toughest Ag Competitors*

More and more community banks are utilizing the Farmer Mac secondary market to keep their best producers and find new ones, even in the face of aggressive challenges from their toughest competitors. Don’t let today’s changing ag economy hold you back from gaining market share and growing profits. Return home with new ideas for your ag lending department. Hear first-hand experiences from active Farmer Mac bankers. Ready, Set, Grow!
Presenters: Curt Covington, SVP-Ag Finance, & Patrick Kerrigan, Director of Business Development, Farmer Mac

(*) These workshops/sessions are eligible for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of each session.

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