Individual Growth & Professional Development Track

Polishing up your old skills and learning a few new ones to give you the advantage you need in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Focus on What Matters - Getting Control of Your Distractions*

Focus and clarity bring results! When you are clear about what you are saying YES to, NO is easy! Learn how to place yourself in the driver’s seat of your professional and personal life, including how to prioritize, time block and stamp out distractions. And walk away with real-world work-life balance solutions while discovering the top six time thieves and how to arrest them. View presentation
Presenter: Scott Carley, Author & Speaker, Growth Dynamic

Leading a Service-Based Organization*

Creating an organizational environment where productivity, creativity and passion abound is a challenge for even the best leaders. Where do you start? How do you create a service-based organization work group, department or team? You hire it, train it, guide it, reward it and model it. Learn the keys to developing a strong organizational culture and an environment where people thrive. View presentation
Presenter: Petra Marquardt, Author & Speaker, Petra Marquardt & Associates

Netflix, Amazon and YOUR Performance!*

Culture is powerful! In today's culture, Netflix, Amazon, Google and even… country music has begun to dramatically impact your performance. Be inspired as you gain an understanding of why personal and professional development are critical to transform your life, career, and most importantly, your impact on others at work. Prepare to be surprised and you will be equipped with 3 steps that will position you to perform better by changing your focus and… your results.  
Presenter: Morris Morrison, Author & Speaker, Morrison Global Brands

The Leap of a Lifetime-Taking that Single Monumental Irreversible Jump to Significance*

We all fantasize about a dream vacation, a luxury home or an unbelievable business opportunity. And we stop right there! It’s just too risky or out of our reach. Making your dreams a reality requires charting a course with a specific action plan. Discover how to put your dream on paper and map it out with a simple 5-step strategy punctuated by your significant, irreversible Leap of Faith! Ready, Set, LEAP! View View presentation
Presenter: Scott Carley, Author & Speaker, Growth Dynamic

(*) These workshops/sessions are eligible for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of each session.

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