"C-Suite" Management Track

A brief on issues and concerns critical to experienced professionals who run community banks.

5 Trends That Should Be On Every Bankers Mind in 2017*

The banking industry continues to evolve and keeping up on emerging trends is critical to your franchise. Today’s hot topics include: industry consolidation; relationship building; board effectiveness; CECL; and interest rate risk and ALM. Community bankers need to be informed on these critical issues. Discover what industry consolidation means for you; how to reach and retain customers, including millennials; what tools and expectations are needed for a high performing board; how to implement CECL, along with the risks and challenges; and best practices for interest rate risk and ALM.
Presenter: Neil Falken, Principal, CliftonLarsonAllen

Addressing Three Succession Issues: Management, Owner Board and Ownership Succession*

Is your business plan lacking key issues that can help your bank remain independent? Most community bank business plans touch on SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) followed by a discussion of New Year initiatives. Learn strategies for management and board succession, as well as ownership options to promote flexibility in your decision to remain independent.
Presenter: Peter Weinstock, Partner, Hunton & WIlliams, LLP


It's becoming increasingly difficult for community banks to deliver the digital banking experience that consumers - specifically Millennials - are looking for. How important is it for you to leverage the right technology to match this marketplace reality? Examine how technology is changing consumer behavior, and tactics you can use to enhance your digital strategies. Uncover which products consumers are hungry for (and how to create a great experience) while discussing methods for transforming the consumer journey to create high satisfaction and drive profit. In addition, you’ll develop techniques for building team unity around your institution's top goals. View presentation
Presenter: John Waupsh, Chief Innovation Officer, Kasasa, and Author of Bankruption

Becoming a Top 1% Performer*

Recent studies, including the Best Business Models research, show a consistent and clear roadmap for achieving top-of-peer performance. To successfully adapt this formula to your own institution, knowing your expected future environment and its Five Future Forces is critical. Learn the secrets of the highly valuable business model formula and how to identify what strategies and tactics will be needed at your institution (including real world examples of top performing community banks) to develop a clear pathway for becoming a Top 1% performer. View presentation
Presenters: Joseph Cady, Managing Partner, CS Consulting Group, & Chris Nichols, Chief Strategy Officer, CenterState Bank

Bigfoot is Alive: And Other Shocking News for Community Bankers*

What do Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and UFOs have to do with the current developments in community banking? Learn how these and several other shocking revelations may reveal that your bank may not be structured properly to maximize profitability, that your future acquisition plans are all wrong, and that your strategic planning has totally missed the mark. View presentation
Presenter: Philip Smith, President, Gerrish Smith Tuck, Consultants and Attorneys

Creating Funding Stability during Uncertain Times*

Banks face so many challenges associated with developing and implementing funding strategies. Many variables, such as depositor options/behaviors and regulatory, economic and rate uncertainties, can complicate your bank’s funding strategies. Today’s dynamic funding environment is forcing banks to frequently assess surroundings from an economic, competitive and regulatory standpoint. In the face of these uncertainties, it is important to understand and seek stable funding sources as partners in order to navigate our increasingly complex industry.
Presenter: Jim Lutter, SVP-Trading & Operations, Todd Terrazas, Business Development & Project Manager, PMA

DIY Credit Stress Test: Steps to Create and What the Numbers Tell You*

Highlight stress testing, capital planning and proactive loan portfolio risk management before regulators and directors ask. Learn how to build a Do It Yourself (DIY) Credit Stress Test that analyzes current capital needs, and potential needs in stressed conditions (i.e., a scenario for surviving another recession). Identify important benchmarks while discussing what the numbers reveal. Bonus: You will learn to incorporate available peer information in assessments to gain a clear perspective of bank position. View presentation
Presenters: Shawn O’ Brien, President, QwickRate, & Greg Dingens, EVP & Head of Investment Banking, Monroe Financial Partners, Inc.

Eight Habits of Effective Leaders*

You know how to spot them. Effective leaders are positive, have integrity, are approachable and can clearly articulate their vision. Developing leadership habits and skillfully applying them in the management process is important to the success of your bank. Find out more about the do’s and don’ts of bank management and receive helpful hints for improving your planning processes and organizational communication. Learn how effective community bankers use their leadership to drive success, business development and more. View presentation
Presenter: Tom Hershberger, President/CEO, Cross Financial Group

Fighting the Tide: Strategies for Remaining Independent in a Consolidating Industry*

Hundreds of community banks like yours have merged or been acquired in the past few years, but not every institution wants a seat at the negotiation table. Explore ten fundamental strategies for remaining an independent community bank in a consolidating environment, including the necessity of returning to core profitability, ensuring your bank has the optimal organizational structure and appropriately planning for independence. Leave with a proactive plan for how to remain independent in the midst of consolidation. View presentation
Presenter: Jeff Gerrish, Chairman, & Greyson Tuck, Partner & Board Member, Gerrish Smith Tuck, Consultants & Attorneys

Great Boards: 2017's Best Practices in Board Governance and Director & CEO Succession*

What defines a great Board? Today, there is extensive scrutiny, yet Boards need to be one of the bank’s strongest assets and a strategic resource. Now more than ever, the need for exceptionally capable and engaged board leadership has become a defining aspect of a community bank’s continued success and survival. Learn the critical elements of a superior board governance by examining the latest trends in board composition, which skills are in demand, best recruitment practices, how to create a diverse board, their role in overseeing CEO and leadership succession and much more.
Presenter: Alan Kaplan, Founder & CEO, Kaplan Partners

How to Become the “Go-To” Expert on HOT Topics with Your Local Media*

Are interest rates going up? When’s the best time to get a home loan? What’s the state of the local economy? All these are questions being asked in print and broadcast media all over the country. Community bankers can answer all of them with expert authority. So, why don’t they? Local news organizations are hungrier than ever for fresh content and credible experts. Learn about the fears and misconceptions about having a relationship with the media, and why developing a positive rapport and saying “yes” when they call can help your reputation, your business and your bottom line.
Presenter: Patrick Dix, VP of Public Relations, SHAZAM

How to Effectively Manage 5 Generations of Employees and Serve 5 Generations of Customers*

Today, both in the workforce and in our customer base, we have a more generationally diverse group than ever before. That’s exciting! It’s also challenging, because it requires us to understand, and respond to, behaviors and needs to which we may not personally relate. Learn what’s important and relevant to Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers, both as employees and customers. View presentation
Presenter: Becki Drahota, CEO, Mills Marketing

Merger & Acquisition, Community Bank Valuation & Capital Markets Update*

The current community bank environment continues to improve, and mergers and acquisitions have become a popular choice. Learn about the current merger and acquisition environment, the key factors that contribute to your bank’s value and get an update on the capital markets for community banks. View presentation
Presenter: Thomas Mecredy, SVP, Vining Sparks

Outlook for the Ag Economy*

Ag commodity prices have fallen and net farm income has declined the last three years. What is the outlook for bank customers going forward and how should you position your institution? What are the prospects for farm income, commodity prices, crop insurance and land values? View presentation
Presenter: Dr. Michael Boehlje, Professor, Dept of Ag Economics, Purdue University

Repositioning Your Bank as Innovators (Panel Discussion)*

Non-bank FinTech companies are offering financial services directly to customers, seeking to disrupt the banking and financial services industries. How should your bank react to this trend? A panel of bankers will discuss their efforts to respond to this and offer innovative customer service.
Presenter: TBD

Steady as She Goes: Investment Strategies for 2017*

The Federal Reserve pledged to keep monetary policy ahead of inflation. How will the newly reconstituted FOMC’S comments, and actions, conform to market expectations? Discover investment strategies and products that take advantage of such probabilities. In addition, examine the Fed’s possible outcomes for shrinking its record balance sheet, and the implications for community bank investment portfolios. View presentation
Presenter: Jim Reber, President, ICBA Securities

The Anatomy of a Deal: Bank M&A in 2017*

Mergers and acquisitions are taking place daily in our consolidating marketplace. What are the key provisions and current trends you should be aware of to make the best deal? Learn the principal components and provisions of a bank transaction, including helpful hints and suggestions in structuring and negotiating transactions while examining a typical acquisition.
Presenters: Heather Eastep, Partner, Robert Flowers, Partner, Hunton & Williams, LLP

The New Administration and Your Balance Sheet*

In the month following the general election, interest rates spiked further than any 30-day period in seven years. Community banks’ portfolios are now under water, and investment managers are looking for answers. Find out more about the market reaction to the post-election data and the damages to a typical securities portfolio. Learn which securities which performed well during the sell-off, and which appear to be built for a rising rate environment.  View presentation
Presenter: Jim Reber, President, ICBA Securities

The Overlap of Enterprise Risk and Vendor Management: Effectively Assessing the Risk*

Without orchestration of vendor management in concert with risk management processes and siloed operations, community banks expose themselves to significant risks. But how can you properly address overlapping vendor management and enterprise risk management? Discover ways to develop a risk assessment framework that stratify vendors based on their risk to the organization and consistency with overall strategic objectives. Learn more about establishing operational risk methodologies and business unit policies, while discussing the impact of vendor management on the enterprise risk assessment process. In addition, dive deeper into risks associated with “Fourth” party vendors, appropriate monitoring and control requirements and enterprise risk perspective. 
Presenter: Michael Berman, Founder & CEO, Ncontracts

What Your Farm Customers Need to Know About Marketing to Ensure Prosperity*

When your Ag borrowers focus on how to high or low prices will go, they may be ignoring what they really need to know. Focusing on Return on Investment (ROI) and locking in profits are two keys to long-term success. Learn how to help your borrowers be successful through better risk management and marketing plans.
Presenter: Randy Allen, CEO, RWS Financial Services

Your Roadmap to Digital and Branch Transformation*

Need help navigating the transforming, digital landscape of the financial industry? The evolving needs and expectations of your customers may not be as complex as you think. Learn practical and actionable steps you can take in order to address current operating costs, grow wallet share and profitability and increase engagement while addressing the changing needs of customers.
Presenter: Andy Grinstead, VP, Strategic Insights, Fiserv

(*) These workshops/sessions are eligible for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of each session.

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