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Top 5 Uses of Social Media at ICBA's Convention

  1. Be Everywhere At Once. Twitter and Facebook are known for their instantaneous sharing abilities and this complements the multiple happenings at a big convention. Plug in and experience the 2012 ICBA National Convention & Techworld in a whole new way.

  2. Photos, videos and more! Everyone has their own perspective which is why photos on Facebook and Twitter are so popular. View ICBA staff multimedia updates and upload your own.

  3. Networking. Did you know that last year ICBA staff, exhibitors, workshop speakers, reporters and community bankers were tweeting through our official convention hashtag? Get in on the conversation and find out what the buzz is all about.

  4. Questions, concerns or comments? If you can’t readily find an ICBA staffer, tweet your questions, concerns or comments to us or post them on the ICBA Facebook page. We will have staff monitoring the conversation and will have someone answer it for you as quickly as possible.

  5. Connect with folks back home. While you’re posting and tweeting about your own convention experience, you can also share this experience with your staff. Perhaps you have a marketing staffer who couldn’t come or a compliance person who really wanted to go to a workshop. You can easily send them workshop notes from your seat.

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