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Balance Sheet and Interest Rate Risk Management*  View handout
Spotlighted by the FDIC’s FIL on market risk and overall heightened concerns about exposure to rising rates, interest rate risk management has taken center stage. Hear how to break down the recent guidance, discuss the metrics that banks should use, and illustrate tools to manage exposures that are identified.

Basel III Capital Rules and Community Banks* View handout
Is your bank ready for the new Basel III capital requirements that go into effect in 2015? Hear how Basel III will be implemented in the United States, the exemptions that community banks won, and how the new buffer, minimum capital and PCA requirements will impact community banks.

Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media* View handout
Community bankers are already leaders in their communities why not take it a step further and share your depth of knowledge in the digital realm? Becoming a thought leader is a natural transition and is a must in the ever changing world of digital idea sharing. It's also important to build local and national credibility while increasing the brand of your bank. Hone your Twitter skills, learn about the advantages of LinkedIn and more.

Building Your Own Best Business Model* View handout
Studies indicate that 90% of banks are re-evaluating their business model. But what constitutes an effective model in today’s environment? Leveraging our landmark study findings, in this valuable “hands-on” workshop bank CEOs, executive management, and Directors will learn the key components of your bank’s own business model. Next, identify what gaps exist in your current model from those top performing banks. Learn how to pinpoint possible shifts in your model to optimize bank performance over the long term.

Building Your Planning Playbook: Optimize Execution in 2014 and Beyond* View handout 
Most bank executive teams are adept at setting annual strategic objectives. The common challenge is validating those objectives and setting execution goals that are directly aligned with the objectives. Learn how to develop a Planning Playbook which provides a methodical process for completing the planning process using fact-based analysis. Learn to validate strategic objectives based on fact-based analysis, identify markets which can support the bank’s objectives, identify branches that have the best opportunities to achieve goals, accurately allocate resources, employ go-to-market strategies that will deliver the best success. Understand how to set realistic goals for each branch, region and market.

Buy, Sell or Remain Independent: Three Key Strategies for Each Scenario*
Every bank falls into one of these three categories. We want to buy, we want to sell or we want to remain independent. Find three key tips to help you along your way. If you are not sure which strategy you want to follow, hearing every scenario should help your strategic plan.

Challenges and Pitfalls of the CFPB Mortgage Rules* View handout
Review how the supervision of the CFBP guidelines will affect community banks and how they can meet the challenges looming and avoid the pitfalls. As a community bank you must be prepared with a compliance management system, able to explain your unfair, deceptive or abusive act prevention guidelines, demonstrate your fair lending practices, and how you manage your third party vendor relationships. Be among those ready and able to successfully navigate those guidelines and be successful.

Compliance Hot Stuff: How Will the New Consumer Regulatory World Affect You?*
Hear from federal regulators on consumer regulatory changes and compliance issues facing community banks in the coming year. Learn about new regulatory developments with consumer mortgage requirements, RESPA, Fair Lending, Overdraft Services, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Unfair or Deceptive Acts or Practices laws.

Co-opetition: The Proven Path to Profit & Growth*
Discover how to utilize custom analysis of 1,000 metrics from 600+ community financial institutions to develop a winning strategy specific to your needs. Uncover proven methods to gain accounts that generate 47% more non-interest income, consume 33% more products, are twice as likely to take a loan, and other eye-opening ways to find bottom-line growth hiding in plain sight.

Core Bank Processing In-house Vs. Outsourced* View handout
Has your bank been considering if in-house or outsourced core processing is best? Many banks are asking questions about the right method of processing for their organization. Review the trends, discuss differentiators, identify some of the risks and benefits associated with both methods of processing, and confirm some truths, and debunk some myths around the two processing methods.

Don’t Jeopardize Your Ag Loan Portfolio-Mitigate Third Party Risks* View handout
Large loan losses from fraud and counterparty risks can jeopardize profitable ag portfolios. Bankers must manage third party claims and avoid large loan losses. Learn how to structure loans to avoid pit falls from forward contracts, cattle feeding fraud, hedging problems with insolvent brokerage firms, disastrous weather and unique circumstances.

Early Returns: What’s Working With Mortgage Reform (and What is Not)* View handout
Looking past the wreckage that is the mortgage reform freight train, what are the early insights into the trouble spots, unturned opportunities, and future considerations for application of community bank lending strategies? Hear a dynamic discussion aimed at the executive suite with take home tools for compliance professionals stranded on the mainland.

Ease Compliance While Capturing Digital Consumers and Leveling the Playing Field*
Mortgages are critical for community banks, but regulatory, consumer and competitive changes can make the landscape seem daunting. See how online lending and origination technology can boost mortgage profitability by improving GFE point-and-fee accuracy and delivery; satisfying today’s convenience-driven borrowers; and helping you capture more purchase volume. In addition, we’ll walk through ICBA Mortgage’s endorsed online lending platform, providing an overview of a tool that can help your community bank’s overall mortgage portfolio become streamlined and more profitable

Every Circus Needs a Ringmaster* View handout
Take a close look at challenges community bank leaders have identified as critical to success…organization design, support systems, management consensus and resource management. Challenge your leaders to assess the organization and examine what must be done to establish a foundation for sustainable success. Hear how to develop a vision for success and become an active change agent to achieve results.

Evolving Trends in Capital and Bank M&A* View handout
Now that the dust has settled on Basel III, regulatory expectations for capital and capital planning have become clearer. Learn some of the little-discussed wrinkles in the Basel III regulations, as well as various alternatives for capital raising. There are also numerous trend lines in bank M&A that are worth understanding. Issues include use of bankruptcy, rise of MOE, and part stock/part cash transactions, as well as other new developments.

Fair Lending Compliance* View handout
For bankers and compliance professionals the fair lending exams have been like no other in recent history. Changing regulator expectations, navigating through ever-changing methodologies and statistical analysis, and the new HUD disparate impact rule create a compliance avalanche for bankers. Learn what regulators expect and how to develop and monitor internal procedures to detect and eliminate fair lending violations. Hear how to balance the new mortgage rules that tighten credit standards with the potential fair lending violations under HUD’s new rule.

Great Marketing Strategies Make Great Farm Borrowers* View handout
Do your customers have the risk management skills to survive in good times and bad? Sound marketing strategies can pave the way for success in an ever changing agricultural marketplace. What is the price outlook for ag commodities? How will drought impact producers? Where are corn and soybeans prices headed?

Growing Non Interest Income and Relationship Breadth* View handout
Hear an overview of how a need based holistic financial planning approach can be positioned to grow non-interest income as well as uncovering undiscovered opportunities to broaden the overall retail and commercial banking relationship. Learn to uncover opportunities in cash management services, loan funding, business succession and continuity planning. Complete a hands-on case study in regards to a typical community bank and see where your bank stands to benefit from an investment program. Learn to integrate techniques to manage repayment risks on loan portfolio, enhance the business value proposition and leverage local brand awareness.

Helping Your Farm Customers Profit in Challenging Times* View handout
Commodity prices have dropped dramatically in recent months. Producing profits in today’s agricultural markets has suddenly become much more difficult. Learn how your farm customers can enhance their marketing strategies and benefit even in turbulent markets.

Hot Topics in Banking* View handout 
Hear the latest information on some of the hottest topics in the industry, including regulators and FASB’s current thinking on a proposed change in the methodology for the allowance for loan and lease losses. How can you optimize your bank in a post-Basel III world? Discuss business, accounting and financial reporting issues related to M&A transactions, and more.

How Do You Make A Good Bank, A Great Bank* View handout 
How will we define successful banks in the future? Old measure may not apply. While credit quality is a given, how to find and develop high quality loan business will require management attention. Customer focus and superior customer service will be key building blocks for successful banks. Key metrics will include margins, non-interest income, and technology risk and rewards. As in all things, talented and motivated staff is essential to success.

How Marketing Can Support Business Banking* View handout
Focus on finding out what products businesses are looking for and how you can align your bank’s marketing with their priorities. More than half of a typical bank’s commercial clients have deposit--‐ only relationships. Learn how to leverage this! And, 50% or more of business owners don’t bank personally where they have their corporate accounts. Learn tactics to bridge this gap and create deep, profitable relationships.

How to Get the Most Out of Networking Events*
One of life's most uncomfortable situations is walking into a crowded banquet room and not knowing a soul. Yet, effective networking is one of the best, and least expensive, ways to build your business. Hear how to start (and end!) conversations, how to make a positive impression in 10 seconds, and how to pave the way for mutually beneficial relationships.

How to Protect my Business Customers from Payment and Corporate Account Take Over* View handout
Join fraud and security experts in this interactive discussion that explores case studies from real fraud events. Hear their experiences investigating fraud along with lessons learned the hard way by both the bank and their targeted business customer. Discuss best and emerging practices and controls to safe guard the bank and its business customers from the latest fraud trends. Discuss and share ideas focused on helping banks assist their business customers in becoming better at securing the customers side of the payment system/payment fraud equation.

Improving Your Bank’s Scorecard with SBA Lending*
Whether your bank is already involved in SBA lending or you’ve never played before, it’s a gimme. Every bank is defined by the level of service you deliver to your community, and your involvement with SBA lending can place your institution on the leader board – by enabling you to help put businesses of all sizes in a better position to thrive. Discuss tips and best practices to improve SBA lending success for your customers, while expanding the benefits your bank receives. Identify prime industries and prospects to target, and discuss how non-traditional borrowers can expand your bank’s relationships as well as your portfolio.

Inflation-Proof Your Portfolio: Strategies for Rising Rates* View handout 
Investment portfolios got a dose of rising rates in mid-2013, and community bankers are now pondering the best way to take advantage of the current market while balancing the inherent price risk. Hear what happened to portfolios in the mini-crash, and see examples of investments and strategies that can protect your bank’s market values and margins.

Interest Rate Products Enhance Community Bank Competitiveness*
With regulators increasingly concerned about the risk posed by rising interest rates, now is the perfect time to improve your understanding of the financial tools and strategies available to manage that risk. Learn how to utilize interest rate products to protect earnings, preserve capital, increase lending competitiveness, and create efficient fixed rate funding.

Keeping Your Bank and Customer Information Safe From Hackers*
Discuss recent hacker attacks and methods being used, as well as strategies and solutions banks need to protect themselves and their customers’ data. Make sure you are not the next “Target” of hackers!

Leveraging The Power of Community Banks to Retake Market Share View handout
How community banks can effectively compete in the public finance market, build new business and better serve local clients with no additional expense. This unique business model merges the financial strength and strong local relationships of community banks with the public finance expertise, streamlined process, and national scale of Holman Capital Corporation. Our lending products allow community banks to build new customer relationships and create cross-selling opportunities for existing clients. The program also enables your bank to fund transactions up to its legal lending limit and participate in larger opportunities as part of an investor group. Learn a new way for community banks to generate business and think about doing business for increased growth and fee income.

Management of Third Party Relationships* View handout
Community banks are entering into third party relationships more and more to decrease costs and increase functionality. At the same time, federal regulators have increased their scrutiny of these relationships, issuing additional guidance and in some cases, imposing sanctions. Discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing, the responsibilities of the Board and management concerning third party relationships, and how your bank can establish and maintain a robust and effective third party risk management program.

Managing A Changing Workforce*
The changing workforce—boomers, mid-careers, and unpredictable Millennials—poses a challenge for improving performance in organizations. What should HR executives be doing today to invest in leadership, workforce development, and knowledge retention initiatives that support strategic business objectives? Identify frameworks and tools needed to sustain a highly-skilled workforce in an era of major demographic and economic change.

Maximizing your Community Bank’s Social Media Marketing Strategy*
While community banks have come a long way technologically, for many, social media still represents the next frontier. Learn how to take advantage of a social presence, change negative social sentiment into a positive customer experience and maximize the value of Facebook, Pinterest and other social channels to increase engagement and drive brand advocacy.

Merger & Acquisition, Community Bank Valuation and Capital Markets Update* View handout 
The community bank environment continues to improve. Address emerging merger and acquisition landscape, the key factors that contribute to your bank’s value and provide an update on how some community banks have approached the capital markets.

Mutual and Thrift Roundtable*
Discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding mutual and thrift institutions today. Hear about governance, the legislative and regulatory environments, merger and acquisition strategies and hot topics.

Performance Management; Get the Best Outcome*
Ronald Reagan once said “Information is the oxygen of the modern age.” For financial institutions, easy and immediate access to key performance information is a critical component of their financial health. In a business climate defined by slow growth, regulatory pressure, and thinning margins, financial institutions must be more nimble than ever before in capitalizing on profit making opportunities—and solving problems early. Address the biggest principles and drivers of value, what can impact those core metrics and how FIs can leverage information and insights to drive profit-making action through quick analysis that simultaneously pleases your board and satisfies regulators.

Personalizing the World of Fraud*
We will explore the face of fraud from a holistic versus purely a product perspective. Hear how the contribution of data from EMV updates will be mixed with Fraud Alert Management initiatives to help influence a more secure and robust environment. And, learn about the personalized tools available that will engage your customer in contributing to their own fraud protection while ensuring that your program is utilizing the processor, the bank and the consumer in a well-rounded strategy to limit the growing risk and exposure for community banks. Key takeaways will include: EMV chip migration's impact to fraud reduction; Consumer Controlled Fraud and Fraud Alert Management - rules, strategies and practices that help community banks make the best use of the state-of-the-art tools available.

Preparing to implement Basel III* View handout
By now you have probably heard about the new Basel III requirements including the Capital Conservation Buffer, the new common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio, the revised thresholds for Prompt Corrective Action, the new risk weightings, the restrictions on dividends and bonuses, and the implantation timelines. It’s time to take the next step and consider what the new rules actually mean to your bank. This session will concentrate on estimating the impact to your bank, gathering the information that you need to be ready for Basel III long before it impacts you, and creating action steps to correct any capital deficiencies that your bank may face.

Protecting Your Bank Against Data Breaches/CyberSecurityAttacks* View handout
Is our bank protected from cyber and data breaches that continue to attack financial institutions? Hear how to ensure your bank is protected and help you manage the impact of a breach once it happens. Unprepared banks may incur many costs when responding to a breach, including breach notification, account monitoring, possible regulatory action, litigation defense and reputational damage. How well is your bank protected from security and data breaches? Is your third-party processor doing everything it can to protect you from breaches? Learn how to respondf to any breaches, but also help prevent them through your third party processor.

Regulatory Hot Stuff: How Will the Latest Regulations Impact Your Bank*
Are you ready for the next visit from the examiners? Hear from senior banking agency representatives on all the latest issues concerning bank regulation and supervision, including new capital requirements under Basel III, credit quality, stress testing and liquidity management, source of strength requirements for holding companies, deposit insurance, CRE concentrations, transactions with affiliates, managing third party relationships and more.

Retail 2020: Future Branch* View handout
Experts predict that the future of community banking over the next ten years will undergo dramatic change, with increased non-traditional competition, the explosion of virtual channel management and increased regulatory control. Today’s banking environments must also evolve to meet the future demands of consumers. See how the financial services industry is repositioning itself to meet the shifting demands of consumers and how to position your organization as a market leader. Understand key market drivers influencing change, define the future role of the branch and learn key trends in retail distribution, along with case studies of financial services providers worldwide leading the charge.

Revisiting Commercial Credit Fundamentals* View handout
As the economy struggles to gain traction, financial institutions are looking to grow and/or diversify their portfolios to focus for on C&I. The financial services marketplace is driven by the dumbest competitor. In the world of commercial credit there are only two ways to compete—price and structure. In a perfect world, you would never give on either one. Review the key elements of fundamental commercial credit risk management activities. Hear key components of a strategic credit risk management framework and the key functions of the credit risk process. As the seeds of the next economic bubble are being created we need to be reminded of those commercial credit fundamentals that prevent us from becoming the dumbest competitor.

Simplify Your Bank’s IT with a Comprehensive Cloud Computing Strategy*
Banks are experiencing a lot of pressure to support, maintain, and secure their technology. Learn how a fully outsourced cloud computing technology model is one of the fastest growing areas for banks who want to compete more effectively, increase profitability, create new efficiencies, and cut IT management costs. Engage in an interactive demo of cloud computing and clearly demonstrate how it can simplify your bank’s IT service delivery, budgeting, risk management, even examinations.

Stop the Hemorrhaging—What is Compliance Really Costing You?*
86% of community bankers recently surveyed indicated they don’t know what regulatory compliance is costing their institution. Compliance has become one of the largest non-interest expenses and one that banks can no longer leave to chance. Listen as we will demonstrate a process for accurately measuring compliance costs and identifying key culprits that drive costs up (unnecessarily). Learn specific steps they can take to drastically reduce these costs.

Strategically Picking the Pockets of Your Competitors* View handout 
Stretched for resources and pressured on interest margin, learn how to take off the gloves and battle for sustainable earnings from your most profitable retail and commercial customers. Hear the tactics you can employ to discern your targets and the pricing weapons to use to capture and keep them.

Strategies for Mortgage Portfolio Lending* View handout
Learn portfolio lending using FHLB advances/programs to meet mortgage loan demand; and not have to sell to Fannie or Freddie or the aggregators.

Strategies to Increase Profitable Fee Income*
With the increased pressure on net-interest margin it is necessary for us to have proven strategies to increase profitable fee income. Focus on how to increase your fee income from mortgage, trust, investments, insurance, deposit accounts, electronic banking and loans with an emphasis on value added sources of fee income.

Surf the Waves of Change*
You can’t lead change. Saying you can lead change is like saying you can lead the waves of the ocean. You can’t lead waves—but you can surf. Learn how surfing principles parallel the 6 best practices proven by research to make change successful. Surfing brings the head and the heart into action. That’s what research shows you need to make change successful – if your heart’s not in it, it won’t work.

The Anatomy of Small Business in America*
Do you understand the needs of small businesses today? How can community banks help them succeed? Small business in the U.S. is largely an untapped market for credit, debit and merchant processing. Is your bank offering a full menu of payment services to meet the needs of your small business customers? Learn how to capture a larger share of payment services that small businesses need and want today.

The Community Bank’s Success Guide: How to be Successful in the Future*
What is the best way to make your community bank successful for the future? Even though the environment is still difficult, there is an excellent future for community banks that take the right steps and operate with the right focus. Hear practical ideas with respect to maintaining independence in a consolidating environment, improving the board of directors, improving profitability, considering issues of structure, shareholders, and providing effective and successful strategic planning for a successful community bank for the future.

The Farm Economy and the Future of Ag Banking* View handout
New farm bill policies could make major changes in how community bankers serve agriculture, particularly regarding how much risk farmers face in the future. Will good times end or are years of prosperity likely? How will broader economic fortunes impact agriculture and ag lending?

The Unpredictable Consumer-Trends For 2014 and Beyond* View handout
Chances are your customers are not all the same. They have different needs based on a variety of influences. As a banker, it is important to understand the trends in consumer behavior when it comes to spending money, banking in general and developing products and services that will be in demand now and in the future. Learn about these trends and how your bank can adapt to serve the needs of all customers.

Tough Questions, Real Answers and Free Advice*
This session will tackle real questions from throughout the last year, asked by bankers just like you from across the country. Bring your own tough questions or dilemmas for the dispensing of some “free” advice. Always entertaining, fun and informative, this session will provide practical, honest answers to challenges you face each and every day.

Transformational Opportunities For Your Wealth Management Business* View handout
Today’s wealth management industry is facing harsh realities. Resources are stretched. Returns are unpredictable. Risks are increasing. Relationships with clients are more challenging than they’ve ever been. Wealth management businesses are getting by, but they have to prepare for the future. Most wealth managers recognize the situation, but the economic pressures of a global recession have prevented them from investing for the future. They have paused during this economic uncertainty to rethink their business models. Hear how innovative transformational opportunities can help future proof your wealth management business.

Understanding the Impact of Core IT Contracts on Efficiency and Franchise Value: A Candid, Uncensored Discussion for CEOs and CFOs*
Only once every 5-7 years does the opportunity arise to negotiate and renew the multi-million dollar relationship(s) you have with Core & IT Vendors and you cannot afford to make a mistake.Non-Interest Expense (NIE) for services such as Account & Item Processing, Internet Banking, Bill Payment and EFT/ATM are higher than ever before because there are fewer competitors in a post-consolidation [vendor] world. You will learn at least 10 tactical and strategic considerations you should take to the negotiating table when it comes time renew services with any of these vendors. Examples of real-life negotiations and outcomes provides a backdrop for creative ideas resulting in getting the best overall contract including price, legal terms and commercial terms. Learning how to put more ‘teeth’ into Service Level Agreements and protect shareholders will be discussed.This is NOT a discussion about vendor due diligence, contract management, compliance or how to conduct a negotiation or RFP process. This session provides methods and insights geared at generating specific decision intelligence for senior executives responsible for managing these costs and services.

Using ICBA-Farmer Mac Products to Conquer Your Toughest Competitors* View handout
More and more community banks are utilizing the Farmer Mac secondary market to keep their best customers and find new ones, even in the face of aggressive challenges from their toughest competitors. Learn strategies that will grow your ag lending portfolio by offering competitive, fixed-rate loan products. Ready, Set, Grow!

What is This Digital Wallet Thing All About? Breaking it Down* View handout
The hot topic in the world of payments is the Digital Wallet. Consumers will be drawn to participate in these online wallets, so community banks will want to know how to get involved. Learn about this rapidly emerging payment method.

What’s Your Body Language Saying?
Did you know that more than 80% of your message is sent through your body language? Therefore, savvy communicators learn how to use this powerful tool to their advantage. Hear the dos and don'ts (from head to toe) that will amuse and educate. Laugh at yourself while learning rules of effective body language!

Where’s My Energy
We all have the same amount of time and can’t change that. What you can control and change is your energy levels. Be motivated to make the course corrections you need to find your true inner energy!

* These workshops/sessions qualify for one continuing professional education credit. To qualify, you must attend the entire session. Name badges will be scanned at the end of the session.

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