Banquet Entertainment - Big & Rich

Advanced banquet seating concluded Feb. 17.
All seat reservations after Feb. 17 must be made in San Antonio.


6:00pm - Chairman's Reception
7:00pm - Annual Banquet
8:30pm - Big & Rich Performance

Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich Big & Rich Photo

They are America's Technicolor cowboys, brothers-in-arms in service to the creed that great music has no boundaries. Individually, John and Big Kenny are first-rate musicians, songwriters, producers, entertainers—and now the creative force behind their own label imprint, Big & Rich Records. Together, they are one of the most truly original musical forces ever unleashed on a welcoming world.

Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich got their start in music as songwriters, vocalists and guitarists. Big Kenny was a solo artist, while Rich as a founding member of the country band Lonestar and later a solo artist. Combining forces in 2004, Big & Rich instantly became one of the most successful and flamboyant duos in country music.

They released their first album, Horse of a Different Color, went triple-platinum in 2004 and turned industry on its head by blending contemporary country and rock influences in a way that hadn’t been done before. The album produced four straight Top 40 country hits, including “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy). With their first album, Big & Rich were able to tap into the best strands of a wide spectrum of popular music, filter them through their pens and voices and produce a sound that is instantly recognizable, if not classifiable.

They have also written songs, both together and separately, for other artists including Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Gretchen Wilson and more. After much success, Big & Rich took a short hiatus while both pursued solo work, reuniting for “Hillbilly Jedi” in 2012.

Big & Rich have exerted a definite “gravitational pull” to the direction modern country music has taken. Their much anticipated new project, “Gravity” provides a stellar example of the genius of their creative brotherhood--the result of two unique musical personalities colliding to form an even greater positive sum total. 

They have packed arenas with a flying circus of sight, sound and spectacle; a touring renaissance fair of the mind, complete with raised glasses and danceable beats. With a much-anticipated new studio album that finds them at the top of their creative game, their live performances find them at their best, with crowds as intense and appreciative as any they've ever faced.

In addition to being powerhouse musicians, Big & Rich are noted philanthropists and good-will ambassadors. Both remain committed to living life enthusiastically while giving time, talent and fortune to important causes. Kenny has become a world traveler, fighting poverty and supporting education through agencies including the United Nations Foundation and the Red Cross; from North America to Africa. John takes part in numerous charitable outreaches. His win on The Celebrity Apprentice brought well over a million dollars to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Their awe-inspiring industry accomplishments and altruistic passion for helping others go to the core of two men whose music and worldviews intersect seamlessly.

Big & Rich Hit Songs Include:

  • That's Why I Pray
  • Holy Water
  • Run Away with You
  • Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
  • Never Mind Me
  • Lovin' Lately (w/Tim McGraw)
  • Loud
  • Lost in This Moment
  • 8th of November
  • Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
  • When the Devil Gets the Best of Me
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