How to Customize the Local Ad

  • This ad is a PDF. Customize by downloading this PDF and, using a page layout program, insert your bank's logo and time/date/place into the white boxed area. If you use Microsoft Publisher, check with your paper first. Many newspapers will not accept Publisher files.

  • If you do not have an agency or cannot do this in-house, download this PDF and send it to your local newspaper along with your logo and time/date/place info. The newspaper can insert this material into the white boxed area for you.

  • For best reproduction, your logo should be in an EPS format.

  • If you must use a TIF or JPG format, your bank logo should be 266 dpi and be 100 percent of the size it will appear in the newspaper, meaning not significantly enlarged or reduced.
  • If you use the color ad, your logo should be saved as CMYK.

  • If you use the black and white ad, your logo should be saved as RGB.

Please note:

  • This ad cannot be altered in any way, other than by insertion of your bank's logo, address, phone, URL, and legally required logos, such as Member FDIC.

  • Removal or alteration of any sponsor or co-sponsor logos appearing on this ad is prohibited.

  • Alteration of headline, body copy or photo image is prohibited.

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