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Last update: 10/01/14


Every bank should design their activities to fit their location, size, and available staff. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your bank to prospective customers.

  • Run ads in local newspapers and realtor publications.
  • Post flyers and posters in branches.
  • Offer extended hours to come into the branches to discuss mortgage terms or concerns.
  • Host a homebuyer education seminar.
  • Encourage community members to come into your bank to set up an appointment.
  • Offer an incentive if the customer finances with your bank.
  • Bring in a representative from Consumer Credit Counseling.
  • Partner with community development groups, realtors, homebuilders, and chambers of commerce.
  • Send letters to existing ARM mortgage customers and HELOC customers to contact your bank if they had questions regarding their loan product, or were anticipating refinancing or purchasing.
  • Cross-promote other bank products, such as deposits, CDs, investments, small business packages, trust services or other niche programs.
  • Have child-friendly activities so working parents have time to talk with bank staff about their banking needs.
  • Consider having a translator if you have a multicultural community.
  • Show support for future leaders by sponsoring a school activity like a community service or financial literacy project. Activities like these will establish your bank's commitment to the community and help to make important programs happen.

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