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  • QUESTION: Does the bank bribery act require the bank to have a policy?


    The Bank Bribery Act is codified under United States Code 18 USC 215.

    The Bank Bribery Act itself does not require a specific policy. However, the banking agencies encourage banks to develop a code of conduct policy that addresses the requirements of the bank bribery act. Specifically, the policy should include what is considered a thing of value under the Act, and what is an exception to the Act – e.g., a lunch based on obvious personal or family relationships; a benefit that also is available to the general public; something provided with no expectation of reciprocation. The code of conduct should also include what the bank should do in the event of bribery. Reference: FDIC: Guidelines for Compliance with Federal Bank Bribery Law, 5000 Statement of Policy.

    The Bank Bribery Amendments Act of 1985 (Pub. L. 99--370, Aug. 4, 1985) amends the federal bank bribery law, 18 U.S.C. 215


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