Fraud Loss Protection Plan (FLPP)

As a participant in ICBA Bancard’s Fraud Loss Protection Plan, you can limit your exposure for losses arising from the fraudulent use of credit or debit cards.  For more than two decades, ICBA Bancard has provided a proven fraud tool for community banks to use in the fight against:

  • Lost Cards
  • Stolen Cards
  • Cards Not Received in the Mail (NRI)
  • Counterfeit (including Skimmed Counterfeit Cards)
  • Account Takeover Card Loss (including Identity Theft, Phishing, Pharming and Vishing

ICBA Bancard’s Fraud Loss Protection Plan coverage does not extend to:

  • Fraudulent Applications
  • Loan Losses
  • Bankruptcies

ICBA Bancard Fraud Claims Reporting System

ICBA Bancard converted our fraud claims tool to a new solution. This system allows Fraud Loss Protection Plan (FLPP) participants to quickly and accurately upload your fraud claims, review the status of any pending claims, and view and print all related fraud claim information in one convenient location.

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