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Gateway Asset Management, LLC

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Gateway Asset Management provides custom advisory solutions to the banking, investment and financial services community including due diligence and portfolio evaluations of all classifications of commercial and consumer assets. We cover all 50 states and have international capabilities. We have been engaged for advisory services by over 150 FDIC Insured institutions, providing guidance to investment bankers, private equity, Bank boards, CEO's and CFO's. We have analyzed over $150 Billion of performing, under-performing and distressed commercial assets and $250 Billion of Consumer Assets owned by institutions under regulatory guidance from the OCC, Federal Reserve, FDIC and State Regulatory Agencies.

Contact Information
Address: 1607 Tower Grove Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO  63110-2249
Phone: (651) 247-9478
Fax: (866) 420-7956
More information: Mr. Walter N. Carter
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