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For community bank executives with limited time and staff to dedicate to continuously monitoring its portfolio, North by Northwest Capital (NxNW) takes the worry out of municipal credit risk. Through its Community Bank Municipal Analytics (CBMA) service, NxNW provides an ongoing qualitative and quantitative credit risk review and monitoring. The cornerstones of our service are an independent written credit review and NxNW's Qualitative Risk Rating (QRR™), our distinct proprietary risk rating system. NxNW delivers a thorough and complete municipal credit file, including a written credit review, a copy of the offering circular, detailed description of the security, and up-to-date and historical financial statements of each issuer. At North by Northwest capital, we continually monitor the issuer and update the written review, risk rating, and credit file in a timely manner.

Contact Information
Address: 231 S. Bemiston Ave., Ste. 800
Saint Louis, MO  63105-1925
Phone: (888) 580-7050
Fax: (888) 580-7050
More information: Mr. Thomas Murphy
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