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APPI Energy provides independent consulting and procurement services to ICBA members through the Powerful Solutions Program. ICBA endorsed APPI Energy is the exclusive consulting firm to reduce costs for members. For ICBA members, APPI Energy provides the following services with no upfront costs:

  • Develop your energy strategy, including procurement, facility audits, lighting retrofits, and green energy.
  • Submit RFPs to qualified competitive suppliers. APPI Energy’s Corporate Counsel regularly conducts due diligence of supplier performance.
  • Recommend a reliable supplier with a price and contract term and conditions that best meets your requirements.
  • Manage all paperwork and ensure a smooth transition to your selected supplier.
  • Provide ongoing consulting and customer service.
  • Continuously monitor energy markets, suppliers, prices and your accounts.

Contact Information
Address: 2013 Northwood Drive, Ste. One
Salisbury, MD  21801-7882
Phone: (800) 520-6685
Fax: (410) 749-8769
More information: Ms. Jane Seagraves
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