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Incapital has an experienced and dedicated team of professionals to assist financial institutions in meeting their funding needs through the issuance of a variety of Brokered CD structures. Brokered deposits can be a cost-effective funding alternative that can effectively meet an institution’s needs for liquidity and asset/liability matching. Incapital is an active underwriter of this wholesale bank funding alternative. Incapital is a securities and investment banking firm offering an array of financial instruments, including U.S. Agencies, CDs, MTN’s, Municipals, CMOs and Structured Notes. Incapital underwrites and distributes fixed income securities through a diverse network of banks, broker-dealers and institutions.

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Address: 1800 Military Trail, Ste. 400
Boca Raton, FL  33431-6396
Phone: (561) 361-1100
More information: Mr. Edward Deeb
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