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360 View is a relationship management software system designed to give you the best possible view of your customer at a moment’s click. If you struggle to cross-sell at teller-row, track “customer-incidents” within your call-center, list your top-ten customers, create asset pricing models, see all past customer touches, create on-boarding campaigns that boost ROI, share information currently locked in your MCIF system with your entire institution, or implement an employee incentive program that truly motivates, then demo 360 View today by visiting us at Developed by inBusiness Services, Inc., 360 View is a relationship management software that works!

As an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, inBusiness Services offers special discounts and integration services to member banks.

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Address: 545 Mainstream Drive, Ste. 250
Nashville, TN  37228-1216
Phone: (615) 242-0007
Fax: (615) 242-0017
More information: Mr. David Acevedo
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