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Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation

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The mission of the Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation is to provide safe and secure living environments for our nation’s senior housing residents, HUD communities and Veterans homes through the administration of the nationally-acclaimed Senior Crimestoppers program. Funded exclusively by the banking industry, the Foundation enables banks to earn Community Reinvestment Act credit through the sponsorship of the Senior Crimestoppers program in low and moderate income senior housing facilities in each bank’s CRA assessment area. Funding for the Senior Crimestoppers program is provided in the form of community development loans, CRA-qualified investments, and recently, in the form of CRA-qualified grants. Participating banks enjoy guaranteed CRA credit on loan, investment and service tests, no credit risk on dollars loaned, invested or granted, positive public relations exposure in their communities, gain access to a proven profitable business development opportunity, and earn CRA credit - all without taking risk or adding an administrative burden. Senior Crimestoppers is a multi-faceted program that protects the elderly from theft, abuse and financial exploitation, and is administered by the Foundation who is endorsed by the ICBA, the ABA, and 43 state bankers associations. For more information, visit or contact Terry Rooker at 877-232-0859, or email him at

Contact Information
Address: 5100 Poplar Ave. Ste. 711
Memphis, TN  38137-0711
Phone: (877) 232-0859
Fax: (901) 523-3620
More information: Mr. Terry Rooker
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