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CRIF Lending Solutions is the nation’s largest provider of loan and account origination, business process outsourcing, credit decisioning, data access, and lending and marketing analytics solutions to a number of the most successful U.S. financial institutions including banks, credit unions, finance companies, retailers and credit card processors. CRIF Lending Solutions is organized into four dedicated divisions: CRIF Achieve, CRIF ACTion, CRIF Select, and CRIF Synergy. CRIF Lending Solutions is a part of CRIF, the leading global company specializing in the development and management of decision support systems.

Contact Information
Address: 280 Interstate North Circle, Ste. 400
Atlanta, GA  30339-2409
Phone: (770) 541-4567
Fax: (770) 952-9534
More information: Mr. Jeremy Engbrecht
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Member Since January 2003

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