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An ICBA Cooperative Alliance

Promontory is a trusted partner to ~3,000 financial institutions nationwide. Promontory Network members use the company’s solutions--Bank Assetpoint; Insured Cash Sweep®, or ICS; CDARS; IND; and Yankee Sweep--to source new asset opportunities, diversify their asset portfolios, reduce collateral requirements, purchase funding, and build multi-million-dollar relationships. Visit to find out how Promontory can help your bank manage its balance sheet more profitably.

Limits, other terms, and conditions apply. Bank Assetpoint, Insured Cash Sweep, ICS, CDARS, IND, and Yankee Sweep are registered service marks of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.

As an ICBA Cooperative Alliance, Promontory offers special discounts to member banks during their annual promotion period.

Contact Information
Address: 1515 N Courthouse Rd., Ste. 1200
Arlington, VA  22201-2915
Phone: (866) 776-6426
Fax: (703) 528-5700
More information: Mr. Steve Kinner
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Member Since February 2002

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