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Finance 500 has been assisting banks in issuing DTC eligible brokered certificates of deposit for over 16 years now, and typically raises upwards of 1/2 billion on a monthly basis. We strongly believe that you will find that Finance 500 has exceptional execution when it comes to pricing and delivery of brokered funds. We strive to offer convenient terms, and settlement dates in order to match your liquidity needs. We take pride in our customer service and offer timely compliance services for your institution. Our Fixed Income Department also assist in managing fixed income investments for your institution, specializing in FDIC insured CDs. Plainly put, Finance 500 is the "Quiet Giant" when it comes to DTC brokered CDs!

Contact Information
Address: 19762 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 200
Irvine, CA  92612-2497
Phone: (949) 253-4000
Fax: (949) 851-5188
More information: Mr. Jaemin Ragsdale
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