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IMPACT Financial Services (IMPACT) was founded in 1998 to provide overdraft solutions for banks. IMPACT's program is designed to create, protect and sustain overdraft fee income, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline overdraft collection efforts while assuring program compliance in an ever changing regulatory environment. The IMPACT Overdraft Solution is a comprehensive program which includes: On-site Implementation, Plan Design, Documentation, Disclosures, Compliance Consulting, Customer Communications Materials, Employee Training, Overdraft Management Software, and Ongoing Support. Contact Sales at (800) 477-9452 for additional information.

Contact Information
Address: 381 Riverside Drive, Ste. 460
Franklin, TN  37064-9000
Phone: (615) 771-9494
Fax: (615) 771-7789
More information: Ms. LeAnne Thomas
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Member Since October 2000

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