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QwickRate is the only non-brokered CD marketplace for institutional funding and investing that has been vetted and selected as an ICBA Preferred Service Provider. We deliver a cost-effective way for more than 3,000 members to gain direct access to a nationwide CD market to help proactively manage their primary and contingency liquidity needs. Inquire about our QwickAnalytics™ data products for one-click Credit Stress Tests, Basel III Capital Planning Model and Bank & Peer Performance Reports that save time, inform directors and satisfy regulatory requirements. Visit or call 800.285.8626.

As an ICBA Preferred Service Provider, QwickRate offers special discounts to member banks.

Contact Information
Address: 1350 Church St. Extension, NE, Ste. 200
Marietta, GA  30060-1240
Phone: (800) 285-8626
Fax: (770) 427-7669
More information: Ms. Ricki Dagosta
Products and Services
Member Since September 2004

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