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PMA Financial Network, Inc.

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PMA Funding™ (PMA) is a Preferred Service Provider of the ICBA and one of the leading providers of stable deposits and funding solutions. For 30 years, PMA has been working with community banks to efficiently facilitate liquidity needs and develop diversified funding strategies through proprietary analysis, placing over $125 billion through the years. Whether your funding criteria is short or long-term, collateralized or non-collateralized, small or large block, liquid balance or time deposits we have a variety of solutions: FDIC insured <$250k, reciprocal (CDARS®-ICS®) and/or collateralized large block deposits (Letter of Credit/Pledged Securities) or brokered deliverable CDs.

Contact Information
Address: 2135 CityGate Lane, 7th Floor
Naperville, IL  60563-3062
Phone: (630) 657-6460
Fax: (630) 718-8701
Website: http://www.pmafunding.com/
More information: Mr. Jim Lutter
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Member Since June 2003

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