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PMA Financial Network, Inc.

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Serving the community bank sector since 1988, PMA is a trusted leader in providing diversified, cost-effective funding solutions. PMA provides Financial Advisory Services to over 1400 local government entities and administers client assets in excess of $10 billion. Our Bank Funding Specialists develop and execute tailored funding solutions utilizing all facets of funding products: individual, reciprocal and/or collateralization. These solutions are customized to each bank's funding needs and provide added stability in public fund portfolios through greater diversification, whether through supplementary local funding or a larger program platform. For more information, visit us at www.pmafunding.com.

Contact Information
Address: 2135 CityGate Lane, 7th Floor
Naperville, IL  60563-3062
Phone: (630) 657-6400
Fax: (630) 718-8701
Website: http://www.pmafunding.com/
More information: Mr. Jim Lutter
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Member Since June 2003

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