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PMA Financial Network, Inc.

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PMA Fundingÿ (PMA), Preferred Service Provider of the ICBA, is designed exclusively to help banks efficiently structure liquidity needs and develop diversified funding strategies through reliable and stable funding sources. Depositors include public funds via participants in local government investment pools and local government entities. Deposits include short or long term, collateralized or non-collateralized, small or large block and DTC eligible CDs. PMA has established long-lasting relationships with more than 1,800 community banks, including over 700 ICBA member institutions, and has placed over $100 billion in public funds deposits since inception in 1984.

Contact Information
Address: 2135 CityGate Lane, 7th Floor
Naperville, IL  60563-3062
Phone: (630) 657-6401
Fax: (630) 718-8701
Website: http://www.pmafunding.com/
More information: Ms. Connie Smith
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Member Since June 2003

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