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Credit Risk Management, L.L.C.

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CRM is the proven, industry-best integrator of credit risk expertise, quantitative analysis and technology. We have a history of success serving lenders across the United States with rigorous loan and portfolio reviews, plus a wide range of analytical and risk-related tools and practices. Most notable is our full-spectrum capability, unmatched in providing a truly complete view of risk – from individual loan, to portfolio, to total enterprise environment. This differentiates our ability to identify credit-risk objectives, optimize management and increase our clients' profitability.

Contact Information
Address: PO Box 30036
Raleigh, NC  27622-0036
Phone: (919) 846-1601
Fax: (919) 846-5760
Website: http://www.creditriskmgt.com/
More information: Mr. Robert Weisenberger
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Member Since June 2008

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