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QwickRate is the only non-brokered CD marketplace for institutional funding and investing that has been selected as an ICBA Preferred Service Provider. We deliver a cost-effective way for more than 3,000 members to proactively manage their primary and contingency liquidity needs. Inquire about our QwickAnalytics, data products for one-click Credit Stress Tests, Basel III Capital Planning Model and Bank & Peer Performance Reports that save time and satisfy regulatory requirements. QwickRate offers special discounts to member banks.

Contact Information
Address: 1350 Church Street, Ext NE, Ste. 200
Marietta, GA  30060-1240
Phone: (800) 285-8626
Fax: (770) 427-7669
Website: http://www.qwickrate.com
More information: Ms. Ricki Dagosta
Products and Services
Member Since September 2004

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