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Soccer goalI bet that got your attention. Unfortunately for sports enthusiasts, I am not going to talk about soccer/football. The goals I am talking about are the ones you set in order to have a successful experience at the ICBA Annual Convention and Techworld®. The convention is a perfect opportunity to learn, network and engage, however, you need to set goals and create a game plan to get the most ROI from your convention experience.

Attendees to past ICBA conventions have had many different goals; some are to visit with peers from other areas of the country and compare methods of operation; others come for education, some are focused on networking, and still others focus on meeting with suppliers. Both attendees and vendors say ICBA’s convention is the best place to talk with a wide variety of vendors and compare products they may have heard about but always wanted to see. One attendee said, “Techworld was an invaluable tool in our planning process for the future.”

The best way to get the most out of the ICBA convention is to write down a list of quantifiable goals, such as, attend 5 sessions, or make 25 new contacts, or bring home one new technology, management or marketing idea that can be implemented to improve business. There is a great sense of accomplishment after the event if you’ve checked off most or all of your goals. Also, your ability to bring back actionable information that can improve your business is a great excuse for returning to the event year-after-year.

So as you register for the convention, start your list of goals, you might not achieve them all, but knowing what you need to achieve is half the battle of realizing success.


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