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End Too Big to Fail

A less concentrated and more diverse financial system will decrease systemic risk, improve competition and innovation, and increase the availability of consumer credit.

Stop Too Big to Jail: Breaking up the largest and most interconnected institutions will enable law enforcement to prosecute large financial firms without fear of negatively impacting the national economy.

Mitigate Systemic Risk: Decreasing concentration in the banking sector—in which 77 percent of banking assets are held by 10 institutions—will help alleviate risks to the financial system.

Lessen Taxpayer Exposure: Removing the explicit government backstop for the largest financial firms will help ensure that taxpayers are not on the hook for Wall Street risk taking.

Restore Free Markets: Ensuring that all financial firms can succeed or fail without a government guarantee will reduce incentives to take excess risks and help eliminate unfair competitive advantages for the largest institutions.

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